Period, let it be #PeriodPride

In India every function, occasion or festival usually has many rituals attached to it. Such rituals sometimes seem logical, but mostly they feel illogical and are blindly followed by many people. Be it birth, death, marriage or any festival, many rituals are followed in India. Even menstruation has many rituals attached to it, somewhere, it’s beginning is followed by a celebration, somewhere by isolation and somewhere there is not even a slight discussion.

Menstruation used to be a big hush-hush topic and still it is in many parts of India. But times are changing and so is the mind-set of people, still there is a long way to go. In rural India, Continue reading

कितनी हसरत थी हमें…..

कितनी हसरत थी हमें,
अपनी बेटी को गोद में खिलाने की।
ईश्वर ने दिया वो वरदान,
मेरे घर आया फिर से किशन कन्हैया जैसा नन्हा शैतान।

देवी लक्ष्मी तो न आईं मेरे आँगन में,
पर आए नारायण लेकर कृष्ण का रूप।
खुशकिस्मत हैं वो जिनके घर होता है बेटी का आगमन,
मेरी ईच्छा अधूरी रह गई और बेटी के अभाव में सूना रह गया मेरा घर-आँगन।

बेटी को बचाओ और न करो कन्या भ्रूण हत्या।
खुशी मनाओ कि मिली है या मिलने वाली है तुम्हे बेटी,
क्योंकि बेटी के रोम-रोम में बसा होता है अपने माता-पिता के लिए प्यार।
इसलिए मत करो बेटी रूपी वरदान का बहिष्कार और तिरस्कार।

कन्या को भी दो जीने का अधिकार,
करो उसकी भी ईच्छाएँ पूरी और समाज में दो उसे भी सम्मान।
लड़की को भी दो बराबरी का दर्जा, रूढ़िवादी का चश्मा उतार।
बेटी भी बन सकती है तुम्हारे बुढापे का सहारा बन कर श्रवण कुमार।

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What if boys had to leave their homes after marriage???

In India, marriage is considered to be a sacred relationship. It is not only the union of two different souls, but of two distinct families. Marriage consists of many rituals and celebrations which continue for a few days. The rituals in our tradition are a way of bonding for the newly married couple. All the traditions and rituals followed in Indian marriages have their own meaning and importance.

Among many rituals and traditions followed in a marriage, one tradition is where the girl or the bride has to leave her parents’ home and settle down at her husband’s home. She has to leave the place where Continue reading

Do terrorists have any religion?

Saint Kabir said…..

“Jaati na puchho sadhu ki, puchh lijiye gyan;
Mol karo talwar ka, pada rahan do myan.”

It means, don’t ask the religion of a saint, ask about his knowledge. As one should value the sword not the sheath. But in today’s world this saying can be aptly modified a little.

Jaati na puchho terrorist ki,dekhiye uska katle aam;

Which means that don’t ask the religion of a terrorist, see what he has done, take account of his public killings.

I fail to understand Continue reading

Raju wants to go to his Boat School

India is a vast country with a vast and ever increasing population. We are a developing nation with lots of problems ( both internal as well as external) in our hands to be taken care of. Our ever increasing population is one of the major problems which hinders the development of our nation. A large chunk of our country men don’t have basic facilities of living like education, proper sanitation, drinking water, electricity and many more such things.

Among many problems, illiteracy is a very significant matter that needs to be catered to. Illiteracy leads to unemployment and also many other criminal activities as education also nurtures the character of an individual which in turn means lower crime rate. Illiteracy is detrimental in the development of our country, as many other issues like crime against women, unemployment, gender discrimination, superstition etc. crop up due to illiteracy.

Illiteracy is also the cause for the ever expanding gap between the urban and rural areas as urban areas are developing at a very fast pace but the rural population is still struggling with basic human needs. Same is the case of Raju’s father who works as a labourer at construction sites in the beautiful and spiritual city of Varanasi. Raju’s father somehow manages Continue reading