Period, let it be #PeriodPride

In India every function, occasion or festival usually has many rituals attached to it. Such rituals sometimes seem logical, but mostly they feel illogical and are blindly followed by many people. Be it birth, death, marriage or any festival, many rituals are followed in India. Even menstruation has many rituals attached to it, somewhere, it’s beginning is followed by a celebration, somewhere by isolation and somewhere there is not even a slight discussion.

Menstruation used to be a big hush-hush topic and still it is in many parts of India. But times are changing and so is the mind-set of people, still there is a long way to go. In rural India, Continue reading


No safe zone

For every person in this world, his home in the safest place to live in. Whether one lives in a hut or a palace, the confines of the four walls of the house provide a sense of belongingness, safety and security. When I started my career, I moved to a new city, far away from my parents and far away from my hometown.

The language, the food, the culture and above all the people were different, still the new city accepted me with both hands. It felt like home away from home. Coming home late from office using public transport, it never felt unsafe. Continue reading

कितनी हसरत थी हमें…..

कितनी हसरत थी हमें,
अपनी बेटी को गोद में खिलाने की।
ईश्वर ने दिया वो वरदान,
मेरे घर आया फिर से किशन कन्हैया जैसा नन्हा शैतान।

देवी लक्ष्मी तो न आईं मेरे आँगन में,
पर आए नारायण लेकर कृष्ण का रूप।
खुशकिस्मत हैं वो जिनके घर होता है बेटी का आगमन,
मेरी ईच्छा अधूरी रह गई और बेटी के अभाव में सूना रह गया मेरा घर-आँगन।

बेटी को बचाओ और न करो कन्या भ्रूण हत्या।
खुशी मनाओ कि मिली है या मिलने वाली है तुम्हे बेटी,
क्योंकि बेटी के रोम-रोम में बसा होता है अपने माता-पिता के लिए प्यार।
इसलिए मत करो बेटी रूपी वरदान का बहिष्कार और तिरस्कार।

कन्या को भी दो जीने का अधिकार,
करो उसकी भी ईच्छाएँ पूरी और समाज में दो उसे भी सम्मान।
लड़की को भी दो बराबरी का दर्जा, रूढ़िवादी का चश्मा उतार।
बेटी भी बन सकती है तुम्हारे बुढापे का सहारा बन कर श्रवण कुमार।

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My hero, my father

Rajni, an above average student, studied in 7th Std. of the Municipal school. She had two younger siblings, one brother and sister each. Her mother, Radha Devi, took care of the household, nursed for her bedridden mother-in-law and also managed a small tailoring shop in her house. Rajni’s father, Suresh Kumar, worked in the nearby factory, but his contributions in the household income were negligible. Even though he worked and earned a salary, most of his salary was wasted by his drinking and gambling habits. He was all very calm and composed in the mornings, and was just the opposite in the evenings, but he never cared much about his family or kids.

Rajni’s best friend, Asha, always talked about her father; how he cared for them, took them out and how he took care of all their needs. Rajni always lied about her father in front of her friends. Like every daughter, she also wanted her father to be her hero, but it was a possibility just in her dreams. Because of her father’s violent habits in the evenings, Rajni never invited any of her friends to her house in the evenings. Rajni never wanted anyone to know the truth about her father’s violent attitude and she always lived in constant fear.

But people should always remember that…..

“Once you stop worrying what the world will think of you, your life will become that much easier to live.” – Anita Nair, Ladies Coupe.

Today, 12th June was her birthday, but Rajni never celebrated her special day. Still, her friend Asha, wanted to give a surprise to Rajni. Asha planned a surprise visit to Rajni’s house along with her other school friends in the evening. As usual, her father was heavily drunk and was hurling abuse at everyone in the house. Suddenly there was a knock on the main door, everyone got anxious, as they were not expecting anyone at this time.

Rajni went to open the door with trembling hands and boom…..
There was Asha on the front door with other friends holding a cake in her hands. Rajni got excited on seeing her friends, but suddenly she realized about her father’s anger. Rajni couldn’t speak up, everything was shattered, the bubble of lies had burst up and the imaginary father figure presented in front of her friends had vanished into thin air. That evening, the truth about her father’s violent behaviour had come out and Rajni felt very embarrassed. But truth being truth, it always comes out.

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Going to have a baby – nobody tells you all these!

We all are born, complete our schooling and higher education, get jobs and as such lead our usual lives. Then comes a phase in our life, where we need the company of someone special. Now comes the beautiful part of marriage in our lives. Marriage is one of the best parts of our lives, which brings love, care, happiness and stability in our lives. But after few years of marriage, comes another big milestone in our lives, which completely changes our way of living.

Becoming a parent is one of the best or one can say, it is the bestest change in a person’s life. Continue reading