Money and happiness

People are born, get education, take up a job and start earning. We all live a rat race, where everyone is busy in doing their everyday mundane works. Kids are busy in going to school, extra classes, tuitions and completing their homework. Homemakers are busy in taking care of kids and other members of family, cooking, cleaning, shopping and doing other household chores. Bread earners are busy in going to work, meetings, project deadlines, money management, savings and taking care of all money matters.

In our daily routine life, we all are very busy in playing our part; getting up in the morning, doing our work, eating food, playing or watching television and then going back to sleep. Weekends are there for relaxing, but, weekends get even busier than weekdays. This monotonous cycle goes on day in and out. We are busy in playing our part. In all these, we forget about enjoyment, relaxation or about unwinding ourselves.

Life is short and nobody knows, if we are going to get a second chance to live. Education, household chores, office work, savings are very much-needed, still, we need to play, spend time together as a family and have some enjoyment in life. Enjoyment and relaxation is very important to keep our lives moving smoothly. Having some fun in life is like a lubricant for a vehicle, very much-needed for the smooth functioning of our lives. We earn money, do savings, plan retirement solutions and other stuff so that we can live our lives happily. But, in all these, we forget to live our lives.

Happiness, enjoyment or relaxation in life can be found even in small gestures. Having a family meal at a restaurant or going for a movie, planning a one day picnic or a long vacation, anything can rejuvenate our boring life. I feel people earn money to live their lives happily and this earning should not become the main motto of our life, living happily should be. Don’t think that once you retire, you can relax and enjoy your life. No. Now is the time to enjoy and live your life and this time will not come back.

Go on outings, vacations, movies, try to taste every food. When you retire, may be your body will not allow you to devour all the different delicacies or your body will not be able to tolerate different climatic conditions. May be you will have money after you retire, but, you may not have all the people in life to enjoy it with. Now is the best time to enjoy your life. Whole life you can earn and save but make a deliberate effort to enjoy and relax.

Live life and enjoy as if you will not get a second chance because Zindagi na milegi dobara (you won’t get a second life). So book your tickets, pack your bags and go on a mesmerizing vacation.

Golden opportunity – grab it or leave it???

We all have heard the famous saying that “when God closes a door, he opens up a window for you”. Do you believe in this saying? In real life, many times such situations can come but we need to be careful so that we can find the open window. I am also going through such a phase in my life.

Yes! God did close the door for me but now after few months of struggles, God has opened up a window for me. I can see a golden opportunity outside the window but I feel Continue reading

Parenting, the modern way

With the birth of a child, parents are born.

Parenting means growing up again with your kids. It should be a continuous process of teaching your kids and also learning from them in this process. In India we have a strong family system where we love our younger ones and respect the elders. In earlier times, there used to be big joint families where many people lived happily under the same roof. There used to be one head of the family whose authority, orders and directions were accepted and followed by other members of the family. There are many places and families where such traditions are still followed in India.

In earlier days, kids grew up in an environment where they were showered with lots of love, care and affection but they almost never had any choice in anything. They had to follow the orders of their elders and lead a strict disciplined life. But in today’s time, need for better Continue reading