Ethnic wear with a twist

India is a land of diversities; diversity in the language people speak, food habits, festivals celebrated, marriage rituals, etc are the specialty of India. Festivals are like life and soul of Indian tradition. Festivals in India mean get-together with friends and relatives, cooking special dishes, lots of music, celebration, enjoyment and also shopping. Wearing ethnic clothes during festivals, marriage functions and special occasions is an integral part of such celebrations.

But, ethnic wear does not have to be the same old boring stuff. The latest modern trends are meant not only for western wear, now even our ethnic dresses are not lagging behind. You can get ethnic clothes like Saree, Lehenga Choli, Designer Sarees, Salwar suit, Anarkalies, Designer Blouses, Gowns, etc easily Continue reading

Ethnic fashion in India and Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla is India’s no 1 platform for ethnic products. It has the latest collection of ethnic wear like saree, salwar suit, lehenga choli, ready-made blouses, kurti, jewellery, etc. For any of your ethnic wear needs, just go to Craftsvilla site and your problems are solved. It has everything one needs under one roof.

Many a times I have heard these words, which goes like this

“Indian nari (woman), looks beautiful in a saree”.

I am not saying that western dresses don’t look good on Indian woman, but ethnic Indian dresses like saree and salwar suit add a special touch to our special occasions, functions and festivals. An Indian woman can easily carry any western wear, but saree and salwar suit add a special beauty to the person wearing them. And truly, an Indian woman looks beautiful in a saree.

In India, go to different parts and you will come across different ways of wearing a saree, be it the Bengali style of wearing a saree or the Maharashtrian style or the Gujarati style or the South Indian style. Nowadays, wearing saree on a daily basis is almost becoming obsolete, especially in the urban areas, even though in rural areas, it is still the preferred daily wear of married women. But now the scenario is changing in small towns and even in some rural areas and newly married girls prefer salwar suit instead of saree for daily wear. A salwar suit looks cool and elegant similar to a saree.

Times are changing and choices are changing, still saree is the most preferred ethnic wear by married women and even by unmarried girls for special occasions and festivals. Even corporate offices celebrate ethnic day where women come to the office wearing a saree. In today’s India, Bollywood movies and Bollywood celebrities have a strong impact on the fashion sense of today’s generation. Be it the cool and casual outfits of Deepika Padukone or the sexy and elegant saree worn by Priyanka Chopra, everything leaves an impression on today’s people. As per me, both Deepika and Priyanka can carry a saree in a sexy and glamorous way. They can flaunt and make even a simple saree look very elegant. They have given a new dimension to wearing a saree and making it sexy, elegant and cool.

Even though, western dresses may seem cool, but Indian saree and salwar suit is the best for any festival or function. Craftsvilla is there for all your fashion needs.

Vicco turmeric cream - radiant skin naturally

Radiant skin naturally

It is rightly said that “First impression is the last impression“.

Whenever we meet any new person or come across a stranger; his clothing, his way of talking and walking style,his overall appearance has a big impact in shaping his personality in our eyes. But facial appearance plays a major role in defining anyone’s persona.

When we consider anyone’s facial looks; eyes, nose, hair, lips, eyebrows,etc are pivotal parts and among all of them a naturally radiant skin is very important. Everyone wants to have a naturally radiant skin which is flawless and which doesn’t require much maintenance.

When it comes to maintenance of face and body, Continue reading

Perfecting the imperfections

There are so many creatures including human beings on this earth. God has created every creature with utmost care and love. Anywhere you look around and you can see beauty of God’s creation, be it green grass or green trees, bright and colourful flowers and animals, insects, butterflies and many other living creatures with beautiful colours and especially the prints on their bodies are just awesome.

We human beings are considered to be the best creation of God, we have beautiful face with bright eyes to see, ears to hear, tongue to speak, hands to do work, legs to move and above all we have a brain to think. The beauty of our thoughts makes us a beautiful and peaceful human being.

As a painter or a sculptor Continue reading