Newly engaged couple’s story

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”.
– Aristotle

After meeting many suitable prospects, Rahul met Pooja. A pair made in heaven. Leaving apart a few speculations, both the parties had a mutual liking for each other. Date and venue was decided, guests were invited, gifts were packed and all other tasks were taken care off.

Then the day came, Rahul and Pooja got engaged with the blessings of their elders. Love was born in their hearts and there began their long phone calls. They started dreaming and planning about their life ahead. Love was in the air and it was blossoming day and night. But what they desired was, to spend some quality time together.

And one fine day, Rahul and Pooja got the golden opportunity to meet. Still living in an Indian society, the to-be married couples usually never get the chance to meet alone especially in arranged marriages. Continue reading

Airtel 4G for faster connectivity

Today our world is moving at a very fast pace. We need everything with a click and that too on the move. Every aspect of our lives is getting digitized and we are almost becoming dependent on the digital world in our daily lives. Whether one has to do mobile recharge or mobile bill payment, DTH connection payment, online banking or funds transfer and other utility bill payments like electricity or water bill payments etc., we need internet connectivity for that. Even for fun, entertainment and gathering information, we need internet connection. Be it playing games on Facebook or on other sites, downloading apps for our various needs, watching online movies or videos, downloading movies or watching online television, everything wants a good speed network connection.

We are a generation, which is more active Continue reading

Music to freshen up your mood

“Wow! Today the weather is awesome and also a weekend. I am loving this monsoon rain, perfect for a long drive. Shikha, are you game for it? We will also have your favourite ginger tea at our favourite tea shop,” said Aman happily.

“You were never so romantic but I am always game such delights. Also I have my favourite ‘Taazgi ka dhamaka’ playlist on my usb drive, ” said Shikha.

Lets go then……

“You know Aman, I was listening to a FM channel, where Continue reading

Honey diet for a better health

We all know that “Health is wealth“, but in our daily busy schedules we always tend to ignore and forget our health. To do any work, our body needs energy and this energy or fuel we get from the food that we eat. If we don’t provide proper food at proper time to our body then our body will not work properly. Our body proper nutrition to keep on going.

We sleep late at night, then we get up late in the morning and leave for office in a hurry. In all these, many a times we skip breakfast. We are so engrossed Continue reading

Surf faster with UC web

Cricket is world’s second most popular game and it is a game which needs no introduction in India. Cricket is a gentleman’s game where players believe in true sportsman spirit. The standard of sportsmanship is very high in cricket and the players apart from abiding by the laws, truly follow the “spirit of the game”.

Cricket is like a religion in India and when India is playing, every Indian gets glued up to their television sets. When India is playing, students bunk their classes, shopkeepers close their shops, employees take leaves for small and silly excuses and many such things happen. And when Continue reading

Smelly no more, Now it is just my smiley home

A home which smells fresh and sounds happy is a home where guests always feel welcomed and happy to spend some quality time with the hosts. In such homes, the family members are always confident to receive unannounced guests in the house. But in reality what happens is just the opposite.

Whether you are in the bedroom or kitchen or living room or the bathroom, one or the other smell is always present. When the monsoon season comes, the problem of odour increases manifolds. The smell of Continue reading