World Full of Needles by Bhawna Monga: Book Review

Book – World Full of Needles
Author – Bhawna Monga
ISBN – 978-81-7511-077-9
Publisher –
Published – 2016
Number of pages – Paperback, 118 pages
Price – ₹199/-

About the Book :-

Needles, they hurt, don’t they? Imagine going around with a needle poking into the sole of your foot for years. The bitter truth is that most of us are doing that, not realizing how. These needles exist in our relationships, within ourselves, or in the people around us.

This book brings to you fifteen short stories on beautiful people and how they managed to pick the needles off from the bottom of their feet and learned to walk again, to love again and to live their lives again.

My Review:

I am a die-hard fan of fiction books and would never prefer a non-fiction. Still I went out of the league and thought of giving this book a try. For me it was quite difficult to read the book, as it was not of my type.

But! But! But! It doesn’t mean that the book was not good. People who like reading such books should definitely give it a try. The book has many short stories which cover different facets of relationship issues. Whether it is a husband-wife problem or issues between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, problems between neighbours, misunderstandings between father and son, friction with colleagues; most of the day-to-day relationships are discussed in the book. Are you going through any relationship crisis? May be you can give this book a try, may be after reading the book, you will develop a new way of looking at your relationship issues. It will help you in self introspection so as to improve your relationships and find a way to come out of your relationship problems. Pick out the needle from your relationships and let them bloom is what the book about.

The only problem which I had with the book was that, it would have been very good if the solution to the relationship issues were a bit more elaborate. Leave back the past and live in the present.

About the author:

Bhawna holds an MBA in HR, a master’s in Sociology, a post-graduate diploma in education planning and management and a post-graduate diploma in psychological counselling. She works in the domain of Emotional Wellness and has touched many lives. Bhawna has settled in New Delhi with her husband and two kids.

My Rating: 3.15/5

My Verdict:

Want to improve your relationships? Love reading books on psychology? Go for this book.

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