No safe zone

For every person in this world, his home in the safest place to live in. Whether one lives in a hut or a palace, the confines of the four walls of the house provide a sense of belongingness, safety and security. When I started my career, I moved to a new city, far away from my parents and far away from my hometown.

The language, the food, the culture and above all the people were different, still the new city accepted me with both hands. It felt like home away from home. Coming home late from office using public transport, it never felt unsafe. Living in a rented house where just a single door separated us from the whole outside world and kept us safe without much fear of thieves and evil night creatures.

One fine day I was alone in my home, it was around 3-4pm when the bell rang and I opened the door. There was a courier guy and as I was expecting a courier, I received it and signed the paper. After the formalities were done, the courier person said something in the local language which I didn’t understand, but whatever it was, it felt dirty. His evil eyes were like they will pierce my soul and I closed the door at that very instant. I was in a shock and my heart beat was very fast and also I was shivering a little. May be I was anticipating the worst and I was very scared at that moment. Even after closing the door, I saw through the peep-hole, whether the person had gone or not. That day I felt like I was in a No safe zone, even in the safe confines of my home sweet home.

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