The barren swing

After marriage, every girl desires of a heavenly abode with a loving husband, caring in-laws and naughty kids. Same was the case with Seema and everything was fine in the first year of marriage. Then slowly things started worsening in the second year of marriage. Mother-in-law and sister-in-law were always taunting Seema and hubby Aman didn’t care much about whatever happened in the household. All his love, care and understanding for Seema vanished or to say, it dried up within the first year of marriage. Seema’s life was like that of a maid, which revolved around cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping during the day and behave like a wife in the bedroom at night.

Her day always began and ended with listening to taunts from MIL and SIL. MIL always said, you don’t know how to keep your husband happy, you don’t know to cook, why do you behave like this and all such stuff. Husband, Aman, was like you don’t have to argue with mom, whatever she says is correct. On weekdays he was busy with his office and weekends he was busy in watching movies on the laptop, going out with friends. He had no time for Seema. Nobody was there to listen to her sobs and feelings. There were no emotions of love and care for Seema among the family members. But enough was enough, one day Seema decided to leave everything and head back to her parents’ place.

In India, living in your parents’ home after marriage is always looked down upon at. You can’t live there in peace without the continuous prodding from the neighbours. Her parents tried to solve the issue, whatever it was, without any results. Aman’s attitude towards Seema was like, if you want to come back, come and stay but don’t expect anything from me. Seema felt devastated, but she had to stay strong. In all these, her one wish to have naughty kids was shattered and lost somewhere. Now she is just living her life without any happiness and her lap is still empty without any hopes left. Maybe one day she will get the true love of her life and also her lap won’t stay empty for long.

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