Sholay – The best Bollywood film ever made

In India,Bollywood plays a major part in the entertainment of the people. Whether you are planning an outing with your family, get-together with friends, date with girlfriend/boyfriend or want to enjoy alone; Bollywood movies are a great option in all such situations. Every Friday, new movies are released and the theatres, multiplexes are thronged by movie buffs. As in every field there are goods and bads, similarly in Bollywood, there are hits and flop movies.

There were movies and actors who came and went away, even without getting noticed or talked about. And then there were actors and movies which became legends through their scenes, dialogues and their immortal work. There are many such legendary actors like Guru Dutt, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Meena Kumari, Waheeda Rahman, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, to name a few. There are many movies whose scenes, dialogues and actors got imprinted in the hearts and minds of the movie lovers.

Among the innumerable immortal movies, Sholay is the best Bollywood movie ever made, which always remains fresh in the memories of Indian movie watchers. Each and every character in the movie, be it Jay or Veeru, Gabbar, Kalia or Samba, Thakur Sahab or Ramdas, Basanti or Radha, Mausiji or Rahim Chacha or jailor, is iconic and their dialogues and acting is just superb. The movie Sholay has action, drama, comedy, emotion and good songs. All the dialogues in the movie are excellent which have stood against the test of time.

Some of the very famous and memorable dialogues of the movie are
Itna sannata kyon hai bhai…… By Rahim chacha (A.K. Hangal)
Suicide, gaanw waalon, suicide….and mausiji chakki pissing and pissing……. By Veeru (Dharmendra)
Tumhara naam kya hai Basanti…… By Jay (Amitabh Bachchan)
Chal Dhanno, aaj Teri Basanti Ki ijjat ka sawal hai….. By Basanti (Hema Malini)
Ye haath mujhe de do Thakur….. By Gabbar (Amjad Khan)
Kitne aadmi the?….. By Gabbar
Hum angrezon ke zamaane ke jailor hain…… By jailor (Asrani)

I don’t think, there will be even one person in India who hasn’t heard these famous and unforgettable dialogues or watched this movie. You can even hear people using the dialogues of the movie in everyday life. The dialogues and characters of the movie are deeply imprinted in every movie lover in India. Sholay is an epic movie which can be watched again and again and still one won’t get bored with the movie. If you haven’t watched this movie till now or haven’t watched it in a long time, then go and watch the movie and see all the legendary actors in their charismatic avatar on one big screen.

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