What if boys had to leave their homes after marriage???

In India, marriage is considered to be a sacred relationship. It is not only the union of two different souls, but of two distinct families. Marriage consists of many rituals and celebrations which continue for a few days. The rituals in our tradition are a way of bonding for the newly married couple. All the traditions and rituals followed in Indian marriages have their own meaning and importance.

Among many rituals and traditions followed in a marriage, one tradition is where the girl or the bride has to leave her parents’ home and settle down at her husband’s home. She has to leave the place where she was born, where she spent her childhood and a major part of her life, as per the norms. In the beginning, everything is good at in-laws’ place, but eventually as time passes, there are always moments of friction between the family members especially between mother-in-law (MIL) and daughter-in-law (DIL).

The tussle between MIL and DIL is the story of every household. Every time there are fights between them, a cold war like situation is there in the household. As a result, the son or the husband always gets sandwiched between mother and wife. But a son-in-law (SIL) is always welcomed and respected at his in-laws’ place, his likes and dislikes are well taken care of.

One more scenario which prevalent nowadays is, old parents staying in old age homes. Such cases are usually the result of tussles between in-laws and DIL and DIL’s dislike for her in-laws. Also the sons blindly favour their wives in such cunning endeavours. We all know very well that a girl will never let her parents stay in an old age home and also it is a well-known fact that girls take better care of her parents than sons.

Imagine, if the boy leaves his parents home instead of the girl after marriage, what would be the scenario. Everyday fights between MIL and DIL could be avoided. There will not be situations in the house where the boy has to decide between being a son or a husband. There will not be the case of parents staying in old age homes, as a daughter will never let her parents live in an old age home, but a DIL can. Daughters always take care of their parents better than sons. There would be happy families with happy individuals.

Why not change the tradition and let families live happier lives, where there are no cold wars or cases of parents staying in old age homes. What is better? Blindly following traditions and living unhappy lives or modifying the traditions and living happily???

Do share your views about it…..


2 thoughts on “What if boys had to leave their homes after marriage???

  1. wat abt friction betn daughter n mother at adult age? mothers love thr sil bt often r critical of thr daughters. holidays r pretty, bt living n managing husband n children under mothers watch is, i think, worse than mil. dil can ignore rants of mil bt not of her own mother. plus at her mothers place, she cant even garner her husband’s support in case of frictions saying “im alone here, an outsider, n no one supports me!!”.. lol..

    then, there is also sense of ownership. dil knws shes the maalkin-in-queue. mil also knws she has to pass the key chain. bt for mothers thr daughters will always be little.. immature.. innocent blah blah.. passing the chain will be difficult..

    n then she has other sisters too. imagine sisters living together with family. thr history of fights goes back to ages. unlike dils who maintain certain distance among thmselves. expect lot of catfight. 😀

    long time back, we had discussion on this on more philosophical level “will our society be more stable if men moved to women’s home after mrg?” our focus was less on relationships n more “what would women want, given a choice?”. we did not have wisdom to clearly see it thru.. but overall we felt negative abt the idea.


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