Going to have a baby – nobody tells you all these!

We all are born, complete our schooling and higher education, get jobs and as such lead our usual lives. Then comes a phase in our life, where we need the company of someone special. Now comes the beautiful part of marriage in our lives. Marriage is one of the best parts of our lives, which brings love, care, happiness and stability in our lives. But after few years of marriage, comes another big milestone in our lives, which completely changes our way of living.

Becoming a parent is one of the best or one can say, it is the bestest change in a person’s life. The moment you get the first glimpse of your offspring, it is a feeling which cannot be described in words. The feeling is just out of the world.

With the birth of a child, it’s parents are born.

Being a parent is a big responsibility, a fragile tiny human being is completely dependent on you. You have to take care of him and protect him against various dangers. Parenting brings out a whole lot of changes in a person’s life and also many new aspects of an individual. Loving, caring, taking charge of the situation, patience are the many qualities that come out after becoming a parent.

Having said all that, even though parenting has lots of positivity in it, there are many untold aspects to it, which one realizes after becoming a parent.

After the baby comes, for the first few months, you are going to have sleepless nights.
The never ending feeding sessions in the starting few months.
The non-stop nappy changing and pee and poop cleaning sessions.
If you are a first time parent, there will always be a time when you have the feeling that babies should come with a handbook or why can’t the babies talk from the beginning.
If you had your baby through normal delivery, then it’s well and good, but if you delivered through c-section, then it gets even more difficult to take care of the baby.
If there is nobody at home to take care of your baby, then you need to carry your baby, everywhere you go. It is like you lose your freedom for the coming 2-3 years.
Your life will never be the way as it was before the baby’s arrival.

There are many untold aspects of parenting and these are not only applicable to a mother, but nowadays even fathers take equal part in the parenting process. Even though there are many life changing prospects of becoming a parent, which seem quite dreadful, but even a mild smile on your baby’s face will make you forget every other pain and sacrifice. You will do everything possible, things which are within your limits and even go out of the way for your kids happiness and betterment, and this is not just a saying but a truth which everyone feels after becoming a parent.

Parenting can take away your carefree life, but a baby brings contentment, blissfulness and pure happiness in your life which other worldly pleasures can’t. What are your views on parenting?

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