– for the love of tea and snacks

Whenever guests arrive at our homes, it is almost customary to offer them tea or coffee along with snacks. Usually we offer tea  to our guests and neighbours. Even if neighbours come to our house, we ask them about tea or coffee. If neighbours come unannounced, it is not a big deal, you can offer them tea along with something to eat. But if special guests come and that too unannounced, the situation can get a little embarrassing or uncomfortable if one is not in a condition to prepare some snacks for them along with tea or coffee.

Nobody wants to face that ignominy of being in such a situation and after all special guests need special treatment, even if they are unannounced ones. For the rescue of the people of India, has come, so that we don’t land in such situations. is India’s first marketplace for speciality Indian foods, ethnic foods and even regional delicacies. But the best part is that all the food products are sourced directly from the producer and delivered direct to the end consumer. What can be better than this? There are no middlemen, so both producers and consumers get good deals.

Tea is like the national beverage of India, still coffee also does not lag behind in this race. Coffee is a favourite among the people of southern India and even among the youngsters. offers a wide range of tea, coffee and green tea, but that is not all. It also offers a wide range of tea/coffee accompaniments like biscuits, cakes, namkeen items and regional snack items. We Indians are big foodies and even great hosts. We always offer a variety of snacks along with tea or coffee to our guests and is proving to be helpful in this endeavour.

For all the health conscious Indians, has different varieties of green tea for them. Have a cup of green tea and make your evenings relaxing. Every evening, it gets quite cumbersome to prepare some snacks for the family, so why not stock up the snack items from and make the evenings more enjoyable and less tiresome. is like a life saver for all those people who don’t have time to prepare snacks every evening. Just stock up tea, coffee or green tea and food accompaniments from, and you will never have to face an embarrassing situation in front of your guests, neighbours and even family members. Evenings are meant to be enjoyed with family and helps in keeping the evenings enjoyable.


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