Eye spa for cool and fresh eyes

This is the story of Rama, a software engineer who has been working in an IT company for the last 5 years. But for the last few months, she always found herself complaining of dry and itchy eyes. Her mom kept on scolding her for constantly rubbing her eyes and kept on pestering her to visit the ophthalmologist. Owing to her busy schedules, Rama kept on procrastinating and her mom being a mom, she took the appointment herself. Today is the day of the appointment and Rama, who hates visiting doctors, has no way to escape.

“Rama, your eyes are perfectly alright. You don’t have any issues and you won’t need to wear glasses”, came the soothing words of the Doctor. While happy, Rama could also not ignore the constant irritation she was facing.”But Doctor, my eyes are constantly dry, puffy, itching and irritated!”, she said.

“Ah, that is a common problem with an easy enough solution ‘eye drops for itchy and dry eyes’. One such product is Eye Spa, which is an eye lubricant designed specifically to keep your eyes cool and hydrated. All you need to do is put 2 drops in your eyes and rest them for 2 minutes, and you’re done. Not only will this cool down your eyes, it will also refresh them and keep you hydrated. It is a drop for dry eyes that act as a replacement for naturally produced tears, which are required to keep your eyes healthy”.

“This is a common lifestyle problem with IT employees, as you are required to constantly look at your computer monitor for many hours. It takes a toll on your beautiful eyes, which need as much care as your face and your skin. But do we care for our eyes like that? I can guess that the answer is a no, because we get no time from our busy schedules and can’t avoid straining our eyes either. This is why an eye lubricant such as Eye Spa is essential in today’s life and is a lifestyle product like a hand sanitizer that can help us in keeping our eyes healthy. In addition to using Eye Spa, you should also do some easy eye exercises and take regular breaks to keep your eyes in the best condition!”, the doctor concluded.

Rama was very thankful for the doctor’s advice and said,”Thanks doctor, I will surely use this product and also ensure that I take regular breaks and rest my eyes so that I can get rid of having to keep rubbing them all the time!”

This post is inspired by Eye Spa, a product that I came across recently. I have never felt my eyes being so cool, refreshed and relaxed before, because my lifestyle requires me to stare at the laptop screen for long periods of time and also makes me sleep late, which causes a burning sensation in my eyes. But after using Eye Spa, I feel a lot more relaxed! I encourage users to try this product, it can be easily bought online at the Lifezen Website.


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