Newly engaged couple’s story

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”.
– Aristotle

After meeting many suitable prospects, Rahul met Pooja. A pair made in heaven. Leaving apart a few speculations, both the parties had a mutual liking for each other. Date and venue was decided, guests were invited, gifts were packed and all other tasks were taken care off.

Then the day came, Rahul and Pooja got engaged with the blessings of their elders. Love was born in their hearts and there began their long phone calls. They started dreaming and planning about their life ahead. Love was in the air and it was blossoming day and night. But what they desired was, to spend some quality time together.

And one fine day, Rahul and Pooja got the golden opportunity to meet. Still living in an Indian society, the to-be married couples usually never get the chance to meet alone especially in arranged marriages. So as per the elders, Rahul went along with his younger sister Neha and Pooja came with her sister-in-law. The lovebirds were not very comfortable in the presence of others, still as we all know ‘Love is blind’ and they were lost in each other.

All of them went to the best nearby restaurant and had a sumptuous lunch. After some time, Pooja’s sister-in-law decided to leave the lovebirds alone and left them giving some excuse. Now they were left with Neha and they decided to go for shopping. Neha got busy in window shopping and choosing various products, while the lovebirds got lost in themselves. Now their wish came true and they got some alone time.

“I just wanted to spend some lonely time with you and I knew Neha would get busy with her favourite hobby. Shopping was just an excuse”, said Rahul happily.

I was dying for this day to come. Pooja, I am crazy about you and I have fallen in love with you since the day I saw you. I am very happy that you are going to be my life partner”, confessed Rahul.

In all these, Rahul said those three magical words which reddened Pooja’s cheeks even more. She was blushing a lot. Rahul held Pooja’s hand for the first time, their hearts were beating faster and Pooja even had goosebumps. This romantic encounter was turning out like a dreamy affair, everything was fantastic. The lovebirds were lost in their own world. Soon they came out of the shopping mall and came back to their car. Now it was time for Rahul to drop back Pooja and they started their drive.

Suddenly Rahul gets a call from Neha.

“Bhaiyya, where are you? I have searched for both of you in the whole mall, but I couldn’t find you both”, said Neha in a little nervous tone.

OMG! Neha. Now came the realization that they forgot Neha back in the mall in their love story.

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