Eye spa for cool and fresh eyes

This is the story of Rama, a software engineer who has been working in an IT company for the last 5 years. But for the last few months, she always found herself complaining of dry and itchy eyes. Her mom kept on scolding her for constantly rubbing her eyes and kept on pestering her to visit the ophthalmologist. Owing to her busy schedules, Rama kept on procrastinating and her mom being a mom, she took the appointment herself. Today Continue reading


Is everyone’s time equally important???

You are eagerly waiting for the day and finally the day arrives. You are excited and nervous at the same time. You have a doctor’s appointment for ultrasound scan. The doctor’s time is 4pm and you reach the hospital even before the designated time, so that you are the first in the queue. As per the norms, I had to be ready with full bladder. A situation where it is quite difficult to control your calm.

The nurse collected the required paper from every patient and luckily I got the first appointment (that was my feeling at that time). For me, waiting is the worst thing to do, be it for anyone. Continue reading

Newly engaged couple’s story

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”.
– Aristotle

After meeting many suitable prospects, Rahul met Pooja. A pair made in heaven. Leaving apart a few speculations, both the parties had a mutual liking for each other. Date and venue was decided, guests were invited, gifts were packed and all other tasks were taken care off.

Then the day came, Rahul and Pooja got engaged with the blessings of their elders. Love was born in their hearts and there began their long phone calls. They started dreaming and planning about their life ahead. Love was in the air and it was blossoming day and night. But what they desired was, to spend some quality time together.

And one fine day, Rahul and Pooja got the golden opportunity to meet. Still living in an Indian society, the to-be married couples usually never get the chance to meet alone especially in arranged marriages. Continue reading