Broken by Susanne Valenti: Book Review

Book: Broken
Author: Susanne Valenti
Publication date: 31st January 2016
Number of pages: EBook, 261

About the Book:-

Since all of her hopes were dashed, Maya is struggling to adapt to her new life. Where dreams and wishes once kept her going, now there is only the burning desire for revenge. She’s changing, hardening into the person she needs to be to hold it together but sometimes the cracks still show. She wants nothing more than to go back and become the person she used to be but sometimes she can’t even remember who that was. Nothing will be right again until she resets the balance. Blood will pay for blood and she won’t give up until the final drop has been spilled. Some say she’s taking it too far, others say it isn’t far enough.

My Review:-

The story begins on an emotional front, and it made my heart-break to see Maya in such an emotional turmoil. At the same time, it was commendable to look at Maya in a never seen before avatar as a very strong and determined individual. The whole story is full of action, which any action loving individual would enjoy reading.

I loved reading the starting part, but the end part of the book just stole away the show. I felt very happy reading the last part of the book and now I have high expectations of the next series. The mid portion of the book is full of action sequences, but at a time it gets a little boring reading only about fights.

In this series, the character of Alicia has gotten much to do. I hope that she gets a better part to play in the next series. The only bone of contention in the book was, Maya getting closer to Taylor in her desperation to forget her pain. But, all in all, the book was quite enjoyable with its action, revenge, love and pain.

My Rating:- 3.75/5

Buy here:- |

My Verdict:-

If you like reading action and adventure, then go for this book.

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