Kleverkid for wholesome growth of your kids

Every parent in this world wants their kid to be a kleverkid, a kid who excels in studies and at the same time is very good in extra-curricular activities. In real life the scenario is a little different. We give more importance to studies in order to get good grades. In this race to get excellent grades, we start ignoring extra-curricular activities. For the wholesome growth of a child, we need to maintain a balance between curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Kleverkid is a site which has come to the rescue of parents who want to give the best of both curricular and extra-curricular to their wards. It can aggregate after school activities for your kids. It is quite difficult to master the balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. Kleverkid can help in bridging the gap between parents and academies and enable them to find the right fit through reviews and ratings from other experienced parents. Also, if you want your ward to improve academically, then it can even help you in finding good tutors for them.

The best thing is that they have reviews and ratings from other parents. Not only this, they have also come up with the Kleverkid mobile app for parents like us. Every child has some hidden talent we just need to uncover that. If we let our kids enjoy the mix of both spheres of academics and extra-curricular activities, then only we can see them bloom to their full glory. As of now, KleverKid is functional in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai (by the end of this year). It is only a matter of time before Kleverkid enters the Tier 2 cities and small towns.

In my family, we were always encouraged and never pressurized for studies, still I never got much encouragement to explore all the facets of the extra-curricular world. I was good in studies, but I always lagged in other domains like taking part in drama, sports, dance, singing, debate competitions etc. How I wished to participate in all these competitions, unfortunately I never got the courage to do that. In the later part of my school days, I started playing basketball and to tell you, I was quite good at that. If I could have got the opportunity, I could have been a national level or even international level basketball player.

Now for my son, I want to give him the best of both. He is very much interested in playing football. I would like to enrol him for swimming classes, let him learn skating, encourage him to take part in debate, singing, dancing competitions. All this will come after taking care of his studies. Because studies alone cannot make you a complete human being.


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