Golden opportunity – grab it or leave it???

We all have heard the famous saying that “when God closes a door, he opens up a window for you”. Do you believe in this saying? In real life, many times such situations can come but we need to be careful so that we can find the open window. I am also going through such a phase in my life.

Yes! God did close the door for me but now after few months of struggles, God has opened up a window for me. I can see a golden opportunity outside the window but I feel trapped inside the room. I feel choked from deep within. I want to come out of the dark room through the window and grab that golden opportunity. But someone very close to me is stopping me from accepting that opportunity.

I am in an emotional and mental turmoil, I can’t share my feelings and there is a big pile up of anger along with other mixed feelings in me. I feel very disappointed and pessimistic, I see negativity everywhere around me. If I accept the opportunity, everything in my life will come to order, it is like a once in a lifetime opportunity. But if I accept it, I don’t know if my relationships will remain the same or it would worsen.

I want to get out of this negative, dark room but not on the stake of my relationships. I am in a big dilemma. I don’t know what is the correct decision. I am sorry for all these emotional brunt but I needed a place to vent out my feelings. If you were in my situation, what would you do, grab the opportunity or leave it?


10 thoughts on “Golden opportunity – grab it or leave it???

    • Thanks Somali…but the thing is that both, the opportunity and the relationship are very important…that is why it is getting difficult….but I am more on the accepting side but still the dilemma is there 😞


  1. I understand how tricky situations get sometimes, answers don’t come easy. Be patient and choose wisely. No matter what you choose, I wish for the good forces to be always be with you. All the best with your choice, Anita.

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