How my thoughts got wings?

Life was just going on,
Playing the role of a wife and a mom.
I always felt I would do this, I would do that and I always dreamt on.
But life was almost bound within the four walls of my home.

I was waiting for something big coming my way,
So that I can do something worthful and enjoy some fame.
Then one fine day I was doing some work and accidentally my 1.5 years son got himself locked away.
After about one hour of crying and consoling, somehow my son opened the door like it was an easy game.

That day I felt the presence of God very near.
I felt a deep urge to share my Godly meeting.
The accidental lock up was like an indication from God very clear.
That is how my blog started to express my views and my opinions got wing.

As I started exploring the blogging world, I was awestruck.
Various contests and happy hours are like cherry on the cake.
I have started online shopping like an amuck.
But Flipkart, please deliver all my favourites at my pin code for God’s sake.

Every post that I write, I feel it is going to be a Top post.
Writing for every contest, I felt this time I am going to make it to the winner’s list.
Alas! Barring one post I could never bag the top post badge and boast.
But till now I have never achieved the winning streak and always there has been a twist.

Blogging gave a new direction to my life.
Now I love reading and writing day and night.
If you like my post and there is no strife
Then do care to vote and make it a Top post to make my day and add a little more delight.

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