Airtel 4G for faster connectivity

Today our world is moving at a very fast pace. We need everything with a click and that too on the move. Every aspect of our lives is getting digitized and we are almost becoming dependent on the digital world in our daily lives. Whether one has to do mobile recharge or mobile bill payment, DTH connection payment, online banking or funds transfer and other utility bill payments like electricity or water bill payments etc., we need internet connectivity for that. Even for fun, entertainment and gathering information, we need internet connection. Be it playing games on Facebook or on other sites, downloading apps for our various needs, watching online movies or videos, downloading movies or watching online television, everything wants a good speed network connection.

We are a generation, which is more active in the virtual world in the form of different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. rather than in the physical world. Almost for our every query, need or problem, we look up to the online world. But do you think all our problems, needs and queries can be solved by a lousy internet connection?

If you have a slow speed network connection, you will keep on banging your head and cursing the network speed and also the service provider. But now you don’t have to worry because Airtel has launched 4G services across 296 cities in India. Airtel is the first telecom operator to launch 4G services in India, the fastest network ever. Airtel is a trusted brand in India. The best thing is that the 4G services are available at the price of a 3G network, it is not even pocket pinching. If you have a 3G network, you can easily upgrade to 4G network at no extra cost. You just need a 4G compatible device and a 4G SIM.

And now if you are thinking, how and where to get a 4G SIM. Getting a 4G SIM card is even more easier, it is just a tweet away. You need to tweet with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G and you are done. You will get to know when your new 4G SIM card will be delivered to you that too free of cost. What a great deal from Airtel? I mean you get a free 4G SIM delivered free of cost to your home and a high-speed 4G internet connection at the price of a 3G network. Nothing can be better and more enticing than this.

Going out for movies is very enjoyable but it is not always possible to go out. I like downloading movies and watching them on my desktop but it used to be quite a task. Now after having a baby, I am not much into downloading and watching movies but this Airtel 4G is getting me tempted again to start my dormant hobby again. Earlier I used to download movies at night and always queued them up. But sometimes it was quite irritating if there was some network issue or a power cut, the download process had to be done again.

But if one gets a good speed and one can easily download movies in lesser time, then it surely is going to be a fun-filled experience. I would love to pursue my hobby of watching movies again after getting a 4G network and make my weekends entertaining even without going out. If you want good speed then do go for Airtel 4G.

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