Do terrorists have any religion?

Saint Kabir said…..

“Jaati na puchho sadhu ki, puchh lijiye gyan;
Mol karo talwar ka, pada rahan do myan.”

It means, don’t ask the religion of a saint, ask about his knowledge. As one should value the sword not the sheath. But in today’s world this saying can be aptly modified a little.

Jaati na puchho terrorist ki,dekhiye uska katle aam;

Which means that don’t ask the religion of a terrorist, see what he has done, take account of his public killings.

I fail to understand one silly thing, how can the so-called powerful politicians of our country politicize such a burning issue of terrorism. I know may be you have not lost any of your loved ones in such terrorist attacks but please don’t be so insensitive and forget your emotions and humanness. Most of the politicians get involved in scams and also misuse their power but don’t forget humanity in your hunger for power.

Recently there was lot of hullabaloo regarding the hanging of Yakub Memon and many power-hungry people tried to misuse the situation. I don’t feel that terrorists have any religion and if they don’t have any religion while killing innocent people, how can they have any religion while getting punishment for their wrong doings.

Don’t mix religion with such terrorist whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim, terrorist is a terrorist and they have only one religion of terrorism and they deserve only death sentence and no mercy. May be I am a little late in expressing my views about this topic but it is not only about this instance, it is for all the grievous crimes committed by any people of any religion or faith. I was really shocked to know about the views of few politicians on this topic. I would just say if you would have lost even one family member in such terrorist attacks then I would have liked to see your reaction. Think about those who lost their friends and family in such attacks.

At last I would say “let religion be in our hearts and not in our poisonous words”.


10 thoughts on “Do terrorists have any religion?

    • Thanks Ravish 😃….terrorism is a global issue and I think not a single country is untouched by it. We should join hands to fight against terrorism and not take advantage of situations….


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