Airtel launches 4G: the fastest network ever

Yes! Today Airtel launched 4G, the fastest network ever all over India. It must be a great news to all those who need great network speed. But please don’t assume that it is going to be pocket pinching to use the Airtel 4G. What can be better than to experience Airtel 4G as the same price of 3G. Yes, you heard me right. I know it is surprising but you can experience the fastest 4G network as the same price of a 3G network.

Airtel is a big trusted brand in India, I mean there won’t be a single mobile user in India who doesn’t know about the best network quality that Airtel provides. Personally I too like the Airtel network, I have been using it from the past 6-7 years and I never faced any major issues apart from few glitches which got resolved within the span of a few hours. I am using the Airtel 2G network on my mobile phone and I had plans to switch over to the 3G network. I never felt unhappy using the Airtel network, it always served my purpose. I use it for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, web browsing and even for blogging and I am happy using it. It never disappointed me.

But now I feel, I should skip the plan to take 3G connection and should directly go to try to experience the fastest 4G network from Airtel. But here at my place, people have a notion that Airtel is good but it is expensive. I feel that it is better to pay 5-10 rupees more than banging your head every time you access a slow and cheap network. There is a famous saying in Hindi….

Sasta roye baar baar,
Mahanga roye ek baar.

It means that cheaper things will cry many times as it will get damaged easily and you will have to pay many times for repairing it. On the other hand, a costly item will only cry once when you buy it as you don’t have to repair it time and again and it will last long. Similarly if you take Airtel network, you can enjoy your web browsing time rather than cribbing about slow speed with other network providers.

Airtel has launched a TV commercial for the 4G network which shows two people competing over the speed of their mobile network and the winner is obviously, Airtel 4G. If you want to experience the great Airtel 4G speed, you just need a 4G compatible device, a 4G SIM card ( home delivered free of charge ) and a 3G data pack. You can get all the information about the 4G plans and offers on their website. Even you can request for a SIM on their website.

I just wanna experience the Airtel 4G network. What do you think? Do you want to try?


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