Grandpa’s magical world


Rajni was very close to her grandpa but she lost him at the age of ten years. She always missed him and his stories of archaeological discoveries as he was a renowned archaeologist. Whenever she was alone, she used to think about his grandpa and his stories especially the stories of Time machine and time travel which always mesmerized her. It was his grandpa who instilled the love for archaeology and history in her heart. It has been almost six years now that Rajni’s grandpa passed away.

One fine day while looking out for something in the store-room, her eyes fell on the damaged Blue sofa which was her grandpa had gifted it to her parents on their tenth marriage anniversary and she got a little emotional. She could clearly remember that day. But today it felt as if grandpa is sitting on the blue sofa reading newspaper. She could feel his presence today, it felt as if he wants to say something to her.

While looking at the sofa, suddenly her eyes fell on a button kind of thing on the back side of the sofa. She never knew about it and even never saw such a button in the sofa. It felt very exciting and adventurous and her mind started thinking in many directions. Finally after thinking for a while, she decided to push the button.

Rajni pushed the button and there was a little creaking sound and to her amusement there was a tray with her grandpa’s Diary in it. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it felt as if she was in her grandpa’s magical world of stories. But everything was real. She opened the diary and the first page was titled as “Time machine and time travel“.

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