How my thoughts got wings?

Life was just going on,
Playing the role of a wife and a mom.
I always felt I would do this, I would do that and I always dreamt on.
But life was almost bound within the four walls of my home.

I was waiting for something big coming my way,
So that I can do something worthful and enjoy some fame.
Then one fine day I was doing some work and accidentally Continue reading


Airtel 4G for faster connectivity

Today our world is moving at a very fast pace. We need everything with a click and that too on the move. Every aspect of our lives is getting digitized and we are almost becoming dependent on the digital world in our daily lives. Whether one has to do mobile recharge or mobile bill payment, DTH connection payment, online banking or funds transfer and other utility bill payments like electricity or water bill payments etc., we need internet connectivity for that. Even for fun, entertainment and gathering information, we need internet connection. Be it playing games on Facebook or on other sites, downloading apps for our various needs, watching online movies or videos, downloading movies or watching online television, everything wants a good speed network connection.

We are a generation, which is more active Continue reading

Do terrorists have any religion?

Saint Kabir said…..

“Jaati na puchho sadhu ki, puchh lijiye gyan;
Mol karo talwar ka, pada rahan do myan.”

It means, don’t ask the religion of a saint, ask about his knowledge. As one should value the sword not the sheath. But in today’s world this saying can be aptly modified a little.

Jaati na puchho terrorist ki,dekhiye uska katle aam;

Which means that don’t ask the religion of a terrorist, see what he has done, take account of his public killings.

I fail to understand Continue reading

Airtel launches 4G: the fastest network ever

Yes! Today Airtel launched 4G, the fastest network ever all over India. It must be a great news to all those who need great network speed. But please don’t assume that it is going to be pocket pinching to use the Airtel 4G. What can be better than to experience Airtel 4G as the same price of 3G. Yes, you heard me right. I know it is surprising but you can experience the fastest 4G network as the same price of a 3G network.

Airtel is a big trusted brand in India, I mean there won’t be a single mobile user in India who doesn’t know about the best network quality that Airtel provides. Personally I Continue reading