Music to freshen up your mood

“Wow! Today the weather is awesome and also a weekend. I am loving this monsoon rain, perfect for a long drive. Shikha, are you game for it? We will also have your favourite ginger tea at our favourite tea shop,” said Aman happily.

“You were never so romantic but I am always game such delights. Also I have my favourite ‘Taazgi ka dhamaka’ playlist on my usb drive, ” said Shikha.

Lets go then……

“You know Aman, I was listening to a FM channel, where they were airing a talk show on music and I loved it,” said Shikha.

“Music is a form of art and songs are the smallest standalone work of music. Music is everywhere around us, the music of crashing waves, the music of flowing river, the music of rustling leaves, music of rain drops and many such forms of music. Music feels very relaxing and soothing, it can lighten up the atmosphere and even brighten up a person’s gloomy mood. It has soothing effect on the listener and can help reduce stress of personal and professional lives,” were Shikha’s wise words.

“A song is an expression of music. For me music or in better words, songs are big relaxers. As you already know that I am a big fan of Bollywood songs. If I am happy, music makes me happier and if I am sad, music lifts up my mood,” said Shikha in a happy tone.

Now switch on the music baby….and here goes my favourite playlist.

1. Ae mere humsafar (movie – Qayamat se Qayamat tak) : I love this song, it mesmerizes me. The lyrics are really very good and it has always been my favourite song.

2. Dil ibadat (movie – Tum Mile) : For me this song is like, put on your headphone and listen to this song, and you are going to get tranced to some other world.

3. Labon ko (movie – Bhool Bhulaiya) : This song has always been special because of you Aman and you know that. Really a very romantic song and I always cherish that memory.

4. Mahiya (movie – Awarapan) : This song reminds me of how every girl dreams of her prince charming. Always good to remember those good old days.

5. Soniyo (movie – Raaz the mystery continues) : Spooky movie but soulful songs and listening to this song reminds me of some really beautiful memories.

6. Uff Teri Ada (movie – Karthik calling Karthik) : I love this song because of Deepika Padukone and her dance moves. Also the music is good.

7. Jee le zara (movie – Talaash) : Now you must be why this song. May be it is a bit odd in this wonderful weather but I like this song because it is a soul stirring song. Live your life.

8. Bahon me chale aa (movie – Anamika) : Now comes another romantic song and may be a classic one. The lyrics and the picturization of the song are just perfect.

9. Aaj fir jeene Ki Tamanna hai (movie – Guide) : How I also wish to fly, to live my life on my own conditions. No bondages.

You know Aman, you should watch the video of ‘Taazgi ka Dhamaka’ of Colgate MaxFresh featuring Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun. You will love the dance moves of Allu Arjun, fantastic moves and mesmerizing vocals.

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh.

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