Honey diet for a better health

We all know that “Health is wealth“, but in our daily busy schedules we always tend to ignore and forget our health. To do any work, our body needs energy and this energy or fuel we get from the food that we eat. If we don’t provide proper food at proper time to our body then our body will not work properly. Our body proper nutrition to keep on going.

We sleep late at night, then we get up late in the morning and leave for office in a hurry. In all these, many a times we skip breakfast. We are so engrossed in juggling between home, office, kids, family, friends and relatives that we never care for our health. We take our meals at irregular and improper times and many times we satiate ourselves with junk and unhealthy food.

Our body needs food but our diet should be a healthy one. Our meals should be well balanced so that we get our daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. To keep our body healthy and in proper shape, we need well balanced meals at proper times along with proper exercise. But we all, people of this modern generation, love to eat fast food, be it pizza, burger, deep fried items, cold drinks etc. We all love to enjoy these unhealthy items.

Nowadays there is a craze among youngsters to be slim and trim, they don’t care about healthy body weight. It has become a trend among the youngsters to try crash diets so that they can fit into their size zero dresses for going on dates, special get-together, family functions etc. But such fad diets do more harm than good to our bodies. Our body requires all the nutrients in right proportions to keep ourselves healthy.

One more issue that plagues we Indians is overeating. We Indians are just in love with food, be it mom’s cooked food, street food or free food in parties and functions. So eating less and overeating, both are problematic. Dabur has introduced Honey Diet using which one can easily maintain a well balanced diet. Including honey in one’s diet is very beneficial. It can be used as a substitute to sugar because of its sweet taste. Honey even helps in weight loss when taken with warm water and also it has many other benefits.

It will let you know the total calorie consumption and BMI (body mass index), once you are aware of your body’s status, you can take actions accordingly. It gives you a diet chart as per your body’s needs and helps one maintain proper diet and a good health. I feel I can try this honey diet as it is quite easy to follow and maintain.

Do you like the taste of honey and if you want to lose some extra weight then you can go for this honey diet. If you want to see a healthy you then go for it.

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