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Cricket is world’s second most popular game and it is a game which needs no introduction in India. Cricket is a gentleman’s game where players believe in true sportsman spirit. The standard of sportsmanship is very high in cricket and the players apart from abiding by the laws, truly follow the “spirit of the game”.

Cricket is like a religion in India and when India is playing, every Indian gets glued up to their television sets. When India is playing, students bunk their classes, shopkeepers close their shops, employees take leaves for small and silly excuses and many such things happen. And when world cup match is going on, the situation gets worse.

But over the last few years, with the advancement of technology, the condition has improved a little. Now with the advancement of internet technology and the widespread use of smartphones, it has got very easy to watch the cricket matches that too on the move. There are many apps for smartphones which keeps a cricket buff always updated with match. The modern-day technology has made it possible to remain updated with the latest scores of matches alone with carrying on the daily usual chores, family functions, get-together etc.

Every internet user is familiar with UC web browser, which is faster and easier to use with seamless transitions. The browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology which makes the loading of web content very fast. And now UC web has come up with a dedicated feature called UC cricket for the cricket lovers. It helps the cricket fans stay connected and updated with the live cricket match wherever they are. If you are a cricket lover you will surely love this dedicated feature of UC cricket from UC browser.

Few years back, once during the world cup match we had to travel to a close relative’s place, we tried every possible reason to avoid the travel but unfortunately we couldn’t cancel or postpone the travel. As the relatives had very recently shifted to the new city, their household items and other belongings had not arrived, so they didn’t have television in their newly shifted home. It was the day of final match of the world cup and India was playing in the finals. It was raining fours and sixes from the Indian team and we could hear people from neighbouring houses shouting and rejoicing over them. We could hear India inching towards victory but we felt really helpless.

The above video tells about the UC web browser’s new feature.

Due to that unavoidable journey, we missed watching that exciting and interesting match of India in the world cup as we didn’t have resources at that time to stay connected and updated with the match. Till date we regret missing that victorious match of India. But now you will never have to miss a single cricket match if you have UC cricket. So cricket fans, go get UC cricket and enjoy seamless cricket anywhere and everywhere.

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