Parenting, the modern way

With the birth of a child, parents are born.

Parenting means growing up again with your kids. It should be a continuous process of teaching your kids and also learning from them in this process. In India we have a strong family system where we love our younger ones and respect the elders. In earlier times, there used to be big joint families where many people lived happily under the same roof. There used to be one head of the family whose authority, orders and directions were accepted and followed by other members of the family. There are many places and families where such traditions are still followed in India.

In earlier days, kids grew up in an environment where they were showered with lots of love, care and affection but they almost never had any choice in anything. They had to follow the orders of their elders and lead a strict disciplined life. But in today’s time, need for better career prospects and urbanization has given way to nuclear families instead of the big joint families.

Now times have changed. Though nowadays kids in nuclear families do not get that much love, care and attention as compared to kids of joint families. Many such kids are even not able to enjoy the love and pampering of their grandparents and they miss a good family life. But one good thing has happened in all this modernization of our lives.

There is a tremendous change in the mind-set of today’s parents and also in today’s parenting process. We have grown up seeing and hearing parents say ‘go to study ‘, ‘don’t watch TV ‘, ‘do this, don’t do that ‘, ‘ parents saying we will not get cable connection, it will distract you and hamper your studies’, etc. But now the scenario has changed a lot.

Personally I know of a couple who truly believe in the buddy parenting theory. They are giving good education, good values, proper resources, proper discipline and freedom to their kids. Also this process is not one-sided rather it is a mutual procedure. The kids and the parents share about their school, friends, office and household, just like buddies do with each other. The kids are studying in good schools but for the holistic development of the kids, their parents have joined sports club. Just for the benefit of their kids the couple has joined the club. Their mom, who has never been a sports type of person whole her life, now plays basketball with other ladies and plays badminton with her kids.

I was really touched on knowing about this gesture of the lady for her kids. It can be easy to provide resources and good school and education to your kids, but it is difficult to go out of your league and do something for your kids. But that is the love of parents.

“To understand your parents’ love, you must raise children yourself.” – Chinese proverb

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