My dream city by me

When a person completes his education and gets a job, in most cases it so happens that, the person will have to leave his birthplace in order to join his work in his workplace. People from small towns or villages turn to big cities and people from big cities move to foreign countries, it is like a trend nowadays and it is rightly said that “janm bhumi (birthplace) and karm bhumi (workplace) of a person are different”. And this saying is almost always right.

A person leave his birthplace, but he can never forget his birthplace. He always cherishes the memories of his birthplace. For me and my hubby also this fact holds true. We love both our workplace and also our birthplace. Living in a big city, one doesn’t have to face many hassles barring few issues of heavy traffic jams, pollution etc. You have good infrastructure, easy access to different modes of transportation, good medical facilities,good educational opportunities, better career options across different sectors and many such facilities.

But being born and brought up in a small town, I always had to face big and small issues in one or the other way. One never gets access to better opportunities, you don’t have many schools to choose from, medical facilities are not so good, proper transport facilities are not available, higher education institutions are not there in vicinity and forget about good career options.

If I had my way, I would love to recreate my city so that it will be like the city of my dreams. Although my birthplace is not a big place but the needs of people are almost same everywhere. My dream city will have many good schools so that every child can get good education. It will have good connectivity with other cities through roadways, railways and even airways. May be here I am being over imaginary!!!

My city will have good technical, medical, and management colleges so that students will not have to move to different cities away from their families. I will make sure that my city has few good hospitals so that every now and then people don’t have to flock to the southern part of India for every ailment apart from cold, cough and fever.

Above all I will make sure that every person gets good career opportunities according to their abilities and credentials. My city will have all the facilities to lead a normal life with one’s near and dear ones.

You all are welcome to my dream city.

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