Smelly no more, Now it is just my smiley home

A home which smells fresh and sounds happy is a home where guests always feel welcomed and happy to spend some quality time with the hosts. In such homes, the family members are always confident to receive unannounced guests in the house. But in reality what happens is just the opposite.

Whether you are in the bedroom or kitchen or living room or the bathroom, one or the other smell is always present. When the monsoon season comes, the problem of odour increases manifolds. The smell of drying clothes, wet towels, dirty socks and shoes, the odour from the kitchen, and many such smells. It is a proven fact as per survey that more than 2/3rds of Indian husbands prefer meeting up with friends and extended family outside rather than at their own home due to bad smells.

But in my home the problem area is something else. Here at my in-laws place, we grow potatoes and onions seasonally for our personal use. The stocks of home-grown potatoes and onions lasts for about 7-8 months (apart from distributing among few close relatives). Though the vegetables are properly kept in a separate room but as time passes, few items start rotting and that smell is horrendous.

Although we keep on regularly checking the stocks of vegetables and removing the rotten items but still nothing is 100% perfect. Howsoever we try, the awful smell seeps into other rooms. We did use regular fragrant sprays in our rooms but the magic never worked. Also special aromatic incense sticks failed us. And what can be worse than the rotting smell of vegetables mixed with other dirty odours of the monsoon season. Also it so happens that when you are always living and breathing the same smelly air, you even stop realising the odour. But when someone comes to your home and asks about the unpleasant smell then it feels really embarrassing.

During one such embarrassing encounters, one of the guests shared her experience about Ambipur Air Effects. She told that Ambipur is far better than the regular aerosols because it doesn’t cover the odour rather it removes the smell and that it turns your home from #SmellyToSmiley. Everything feels fresh and aromatic and you don’t get embarrassed in front of your guests.

So on the suggestion of the guest, we have started using Ambipur Air Effects in our home and now our sweet home always feels fresh and lovely and even we get compliments from our guests because of the fresh and vibrant aura of our house. It feels really good to live in such a fresh environment and all thanks to Ambipur Air Effects.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur.


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