The purest dew drop

She was like a dew drop,
She was fresh, clean and purest of all,
But she was so young and naive at heart.

She was the sparkle of her parents,
She was happy and safe in her shell,
But she was going to make a new start.

She started enjoying her new life,
She was also blooming each passing day,
But there was a wolf in a lamb’s garb who had won everyone’s faith and trust in his cart.

Who had the responsibility to nurture the young minds and souls,
Who had the blind faith and trust of kids and parents’,
But he played with everyone’s emotions as he had wicked plans in his black heart.

The gentle soul was scared and ravished,
She cried for help and tried to fight for herself,
But now the lifeless creature is struggling for breaths with her whole heart.

Her parents are like living statues seeing their dew drop fighting for life,
She wanted to hug her parents at least once,
But the dew drop was lost and the purest soul went apart.

This post has been written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer’s Ezine


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