Quote challenge: Day 2

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

When a person tells a lie, that one lie can lead to many more lies and also the person has to remember all the facts that he presents in front of others.

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My dream city by me

When a person completes his education and gets a job, in most cases it so happens that, the person will have to leave his birthplace in order to join his work in his workplace. People from small towns or villages turn to big cities and people from big cities move to foreign countries, it is like a trend nowadays and it is rightly said that “janm bhumi (birthplace) and karm bhumi (workplace) of a person are different”. And this saying is almost always right.

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Quote challenge: Day 1

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. – Buddha

Anger is one of the biggest enemies of human beings and also it is the root cause of many other ill feelings like jealousy, envy, revenge and many others. When we are angry, we are not in the right frame of mind to take proper decisions. In anger, we keep on thinking negative and holding up of this anger harms us the most rather than others.

Try not to lose your cool and counting backwards does help in situations which can get you angry.

I have been nominated for this challenge by my blogger buddy Tennyson and I am very much thankful to him.

And now……

Rules for the challenge:

•Post one of your favourite quotes (different quote on each day) on three days. The quote can be from your favourite book, author, or your own.
•Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
•Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

For my day one, I nominate my blogger friends:

Joshi Daniel at http://joshidaniel.com/
UK at http://www.fashionablefoods.net/
Poonam Khanduja at http://stiryoursouls.blogspot.in/

My dream smartphone – Asus Zenfone 2

In today’s world, smartphone has become a necessity in everybody’s life. But there are numerous smartphones from various big brands to choose from. And the huge availability of smartphones in the market makes it difficult and confusing for a person to decide on a single phone.

I also feel like a lost person when it comes to selecting a smartphone from a long list of smartphones. But when I heard and read about the Asus Zenfone 2, I just felt like I should go for it. I am just in awe of the Asus Zenfone 2. I mean the look is stunning and features are very apt for my needs.

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Smelly no more, Now it is just my smiley home

A home which smells fresh and sounds happy is a home where guests always feel welcomed and happy to spend some quality time with the hosts. In such homes, the family members are always confident to receive unannounced guests in the house. But in reality what happens is just the opposite.

Whether you are in the bedroom or kitchen or living room or the bathroom, one or the other smell is always present. When the monsoon season comes, the problem of odour increases manifolds. The smell of Continue reading

Blogmint – it’s all about blogging vlogging!

We bloggers start blogging to express our views but slowly we come to know about various aspects of blogging. Association with brands is one such promising feature of blogging. There are many such sites which connect brands and bloggers but there are very few which are true to their words.

One fine day I came across a site called Blogmint which connects brands and bloggers together. It helps brands to identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content.

Till now I have participated in two campaigns and I love the process followed here. In the beginning, I had few doubts and issues but the Blogmint team is very helpful and cooperative. After the blog posts get approved, the payment process is very clear and prompt and hassle free.

I am happy that I joined Blogmint and I am proud to be a Blogminter. And I look forward to many more such engagements and continual association with Blogmint.