Nothing can beat street food

Food is the need for every living being on our planet earth. Food gives us energy and helps all of us keep on moving. But apart from being a necessity, a lip smacking food is a big weakness of every human being. Mom’s cooked food is always the best but street food also gives a tough competition to home cooked food.

I am no exception to this fact. In my younger days, I was a big fussy eater. After getting married, I do all the cooking myself but I always miss my mom’s food and all my cravings are satisfied when I am at mom’s place. But there is one thing which I always miss, it is the street food of Jamshedpur (a city in the state of Jharkhand, mainly famous for the steel plant of Tata Steel).

samosa chaat

Samosa chaat

During my college days, I stayed in Jamshedpur for a few years and there are few things which I always cherish about my stay there. Among many memories, one thing which is very special to me is the enjoying of street foods of Jamshedpur city. I always devoured samosa chaat and golgappa. Whether it was double samosa chaat of ten rupees or golgappa worth the same, it was always very mouth watering in the company of friends.

Enjoying golgappa at a roadside stall

Enjoying golgappa at a roadside stall

Samosa chaat is served by adding mashed samosas to a plate of cooked chikpeas and adding chutney and garnishing with onion, tomato and green coriander leaves. I am so much craving for them. One thing which was always peculiar about having golgappa at a roadside stall was “bhaiyya thoda tikha aur dalo” (brother add some more chilli).

I have had these two snacks at many other places but never got the same taste which I love and got to enjoy in the city of Jamshedpur, so mouth watering and I am drooling now. I miss these two delicacies so much and also my two dear friends with whom I enjoyed them. I am not in much contact with the friends as time and distance have taken a toll on our friendship but the memories are well preserved in my heart. I miss those good old days.

Do you like street food? Which street food do you like the most?.

Pic courtesies – samosa chaat and golgappa


12 thoughts on “Nothing can beat street food

  1. Yes, I love street food! I like checking street food stalls wherever I go…and queue up the lines with locals! That’s what my favorite activity when I visit new country and digest the beauty of local culture through my stomach! πŸ™‚

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