Life in a celebration mode

In this fast paced and competitive world, everyone loves to be victorious and such victories always make us happy. When we achieve something, when we get good profit in business or good appraisal and good hike, when we get appreciated for our work; there are many such things in life which make us happy and we feel like celebrating such happy moments.

But in our usual life, the occurrence of such happy moments is not very regular. We can feel that we have more downs in our lives than ups. In the race to win and get happiness, many a times we overlook the small happy moments of our lives. One should learn to be happy, happiness is not only in big victorious moments but we can find happiness and motivation to celebrate life even in small trivial matters.

For me also big victories matter a lot and I believe in living life full size. But many a times I too overlook or ignore many small happy moments. But still there are some simple things which make me feel happy and content.

My hubby doesn’t like having tea and even he is not so much interested in coffee, but I am just the opposite. I feel delighted if we have coffee in the evening along with a small chit-chat. Even I love to have a heart to heart late night chatting with my hubby. These small chat sessions make me happy because we talk our hearts out whether it is good or bad.

There is one more thing which I always cherish. A long drive is always welcomed by me especially l love it when it is raining outside and there is lots of talking with our favourite songs going on in the background. And it will be like icing on the cake if get to enjoy kulhad wali chai (tea served in earthen pot). I always look out for such lovely times to spend together.

One more thing that makes me feel really happy and contended nowadays is if my son finishes off his food willingly. My son is a big fussy eater. Most of the times he will just have few bytes or spoons of his food and he is done. I have to struggle a lot to feed him and also he is very thin which makes me sad at some times. But there are some rare fortunate times when he will finish off his plate of food without any fussiness. I feel like a successful mom when I am able to feed him properly.

These are the few small things which make me feel happy and also successful. We can celebrate our whole life we just need to find the reason whether it is big or small.


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