Being a leading and successful doctor

Since childhood, Hetal wanted to be a doctor. Being born and brought up in a rich Gujrati family, she is not interested in earning lots of money, but she wants to help the poor and needy people through the noble medical profession. Her father is one of the leading doctors in Ahmedabad who is a well known physician.

Her father works in the government hospital, apart from his work hours, he spends rest of his time in the clinic adjacent to his house. He opened the clinic not for monetary benefits but to help the poor people. He doesn’t charge money for consultation, there the treatments are done almost free. Hetal has grown up seeing all this and she wants to help her father in carrying on his philanthropic work.

Hetal doesn’t want to be a physician but she is interested in becoming a gynaecologist. Her dream is to open a clinic in a rural area so that she can help the women. She knows that the medical facilities in rural areas is in a dilapidated condition. Still there are many deaths of women due to botched up surgeries or c-sections. Women lose their lives due to unsterilized or improperly sterilized tools used in operations. She wants to take the initiative to help the women in rural areas and increase their trust on modern medical facilities.

When she was 17 years old, she had accompanied her father along with her mother to a medical camp in a remote village of Gujarat. There she came to know that people still consult quacks and age old traditional midwives without any medical aid. It was there that she decided that she will become a gynaecologist because there she came to know about the death of a woman while delivering her baby. It was due to the lack of medical facilities that the woman lost her life and that incident left a big mark in Hetal’s mind.

Now she is doing her internship in Ahmedabad and within a few years her dream of starting a clinic in a village will come true. Now only she has started working with an NGO, which aims at providing medical facilities to remote corners of Gujarat. She goes on regular medical camps organized by the NGO. It gives her a sense of contentment and satisfaction on seeing the smile on the faces of the family members of the patient when the patient recovers.

Her father is her role model who is a successful doctor not because he has earned lots of money but because he is able to help the needy people. She wants to carry on that legacy and become successful like her father by helping the poor people.


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