Hot cup of tea

Don’t you drink tea!!!!!

Whenever guests comes to your home, it is customary to ask them for tea or coffee. It is a good way to welcome one’s guests, especially in India it is a very common practice and evenings are meant for tea with snacks. It is like if you are an adult, it is mandatory for you to have tea or coffee.

At my place, people usually don’t prefer coffee but everyone is very fond of tea. My hubby doesn’t drink tea, what a big deal. Whenever he goes to any relatives house, people feel amazed (rather shocked) to know about his dislike for tea. People’s reaction is like…

What….he doesn’t like tea?????

At my in-laws place, every evening the scene is like, why don’t you give him tea and something to eat. Many a times I feel irritated because of the same remarks every evening (do you want me to force feed him). If he wants he can ask for it.

I love my tea and coffee, but people grow up and accept it, he doesn’t want tea. What do you think about it? Do you like tea???

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3 thoughts on “Don’t you drink tea!!!!!

  1. I find it difficult to live without tea – we don’t have coffee here or at any relatives’ place. But there are still those places where they have coffee instead, and then I will tell them that I will have tea or just water 😀

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