Complex human brain and neurologists

Suppose, one fine day you are going to your office riding on your bike (without wearing helmet) and suddenly your bike crashes with a car (trying to jump signal at the crossroad) and you are thrown few feets away from your bike after toppling many times. Or suppose, you slipped and fell down in the bathroom. Apart from small injury in the head nothing else happens to you. Then you get up early morning on the next day but you don’t remember a damn thing about yourself and others.

What will you do if such an unfortunate tragedy happens to you? You will go to the doctor but here one needs the care of specialists. Neurologists or the ones who are experienced in taking care of issues related to the brain, as in both the above instances there are injuries in the head (major or minor). In India there are many neurology clinics but there are many highly qualified and experienced neurologists in Mumbai.

One such incident happened in Mumbai where Shikha’s husband Aman met with a tragic road accident where he got injuries in his head and there was a blood clot in his brain. But luck favoured Shikha and Aman as their case was handed over to Dr. Ram Sharma, one of the best neurologists in Mumbai. Aman got the best medical treatment and by God’s grace his condition improved and he got healthy after some time and now they are leading a happy and safe life.

We, human beings are one of the best creation of God. It is not that other living beings are not good or beautiful, but there are certain things which distinguish human beings from other living beings and they make us unique among other creations of God. As it is always said that…

Man is a social animal.

We human beings live in societies, we have emotions which makes us special among other species but the best distinctive feature of homo sapiens is the thinking capability. We all know that the human anatomy is very complex but also I feel that brain is the most complex part of our body.

Our brain is the governing body of every human being. It controls our bodies, other sense organs, our movements, our actions, our reactions, our thoughts, our memories and almost everything else. Human brain is one of the most vital organs of our bodies. If our brain doesn’t work properly, our life will get jeopardized.

There was a time when medical facilities were not very advanced in India but nowadays India also has developed a lot in the medical field. In Mumbai there are many top class neurologists and brain surgeons. But our top priority should be to safeguard ourselves and take proper precautions to prevent mishaps in life.


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