ASUS Zenfone 2

Smartphone experience…Redefined

In this fast paced world, we need everything on the move and that too fast. There was a time, when we used to communicate with our friends and relatives in different cities through the means of letters and then came landline phones and STD and PCO booths. Slowly our world evolved and the communication system got easier with the introduction of mobile phones. Also internet entered our lives, which made long distance communication even more easier. It made available valuable information within seconds in our hands, we can send and receive documents through email and still lots of advancements are going on in this field.

Previously our mobile phones were not smart, they were used just for making calls. But now phones have become smart and very aptly they are called “Smartphones”. Earlier we needed to have desktop computer and internet connection or we had to go to the nearest cyber cafes to access internet. But now Smartphones have made everything available on finger tips.

Smartphones come with loads of features attached to them. One can take good quality pictures, share the pictures with the world through social media channels, email etc., stay connected to your office and friends through email, send and receive mms, listen to music, watch videos, movies and even online television, online shopping and what not. With the advent of smartphones, everything is available on the move and that too faster.

And now ASUS is coming up with a new smartphone which will redefine the smartphone experience. ASUS Zenfone 2 will have loads of advanced features. There are many reasons because of which I would love to own this Asus Zenfone 2 and redefine my smartphone experience.

Firstly, I have a windows phone and I want to have an android phone. It’s not that my phone is bad but it doesn’t have many apps available in its store. On the other hand, for the Android phones, one can easily get many apps.

Secondly, Asus Zenfone 2 is world’s first smartphone with a 4GB RAM. It can provide performance which is three times better than it’s predecessor, so one can enjoy slick web surfing, smooth video playback and better gaming experience with good multi-tasking feature which doesn’t leave one waiting.

Now talking about the camera features, my phone is having a rear camera with 5MP resolution but it doesn’t have a front camera (so that I can take selfies). I totally miss this feature in my phone. Even though there are apps for taking selfies but I don’t find them useful. But this Asus Zenfone 2 with its 13MP rear and 5MP front camera is just awesome. The PixelMaster camera can capture high-resolution pictures with zero shutter lag and can give upto 400% brighter pics at night or in low light scenes.

One of the best features of this Asus Zenfone 2 is that it has a powerful battery. As smartphones have lots of applications installed, battery consumption is a big issue with them. So frequent charging of smartphones becomes a big pain for the smartphone users. But this phone supports ASUS exclusive technology that charges much faster than the traditional speeds. The Asus Zenfone 2 can charge upto 60% in no more than 39 minutes. I think this is a big advantage to this phone.

It has a screen size of 5.5 inches (for a better video and movie watching experience) which is bigger than my present smartphone and also it has elegant and stylish look.

Looking at all these fascinating features, I feel like getting this Asus Zenfone 2 for myself. No….it’s such a smart smartphone, I think I should gift it to hubby dear (after all hubby’s phone is mine only).

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