Raju wants to go to his Boat School

India is a vast country with a vast and ever increasing population. We are a developing nation with lots of problems ( both internal as well as external) in our hands to be taken care of. Our ever increasing population is one of the major problems which hinders the development of our nation. A large chunk of our country men don’t have basic facilities of living like education, proper sanitation, drinking water, electricity and many more such things.

Among many problems, illiteracy is a very significant matter that needs to be catered to. Illiteracy leads to unemployment and also many other criminal activities as education also nurtures the character of an individual which in turn means lower crime rate. Illiteracy is detrimental in the development of our country, as many other issues like crime against women, unemployment, gender discrimination, superstition etc. crop up due to illiteracy.

Illiteracy is also the cause for the ever expanding gap between the urban and rural areas as urban areas are developing at a very fast pace but the rural population is still struggling with basic human needs. Same is the case of Raju’s father who works as a labourer at construction sites in the beautiful and spiritual city of Varanasi. Raju’s father somehow manages to provide 2 meals a day to his family of five members. They don’t even have a proper place to call their home.

But what about Raju? What does he do? Does he go to school?

Raju is a ten years old boy who doesn’t like to go to his local government school and he is almost always seen roaming around on the Ghats of river Ganga along with his neighbourhood friends. He used to go to the nearby government school but he never took it seriously. If young kids will do like this then what will be the future of our country.

So what do we do now? Do we let the future of our motherland go into darkness? No, we can’t let that happen. In order to help such children and to brighten up the future of India, NGO Guria has started a novel and innovative “Boat School”, where the children will spend two hours apart from their regular school hours which can be utilized for studying, playing, revising without any pressure or tension. It will have facilities like library, educational toys, stationary, computer, painting kit etc. to create the perfect learning environment for the children.

The Boat school can provide a stimulating and ideal learning environment to the children and also help in inculcating the love for learning in the minds of children like Raju who don’t like going to school. This learning haven needs our support in it’s magical transformation. The children of Mother river Ganga need our support. Even small contribution from you lovely people will go a long way in shaping the future of such inopportune children of the holy city of Varanasi.

If this Varanasi Boat School campaign is successfully effective in helping the children of Varanasi, it can be implemented in other cities also.

So let us join on this journey of doing right and help them in giving these children the fun of learning.


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