Life and it’s hard ways

Life is beautiful but it is never easy. Today one can be happy but never know what can happen the next moment. Seema and her family learnt this the harder way. Everything was going smooth in the Sharma family and from the last ten days everyone was busy in the planning and arrangements for the celebration of Mrs. and Mr. Sharma’s 40th marriage anniversary. But everything fell upside down on the fateful day.

Most of their friends and family had come to celebrate their 40 years of togetherness. Even though the day had been hectic with lots of preparations but everything went on well as per planning and everybody enjoyed a lot. But at 11:40 pm the world collapsed for the Sharma family, as Seema’s father Mr. Suresh Sharma fainted with a shooting pain in the chest.

Luckily Seema’s bua (father’s sister) who was a nurse in a big hospital was there and she did CPR ( cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on her brother. Meanwhile Seema ( who always had the habit of keeping emergency contact numbers handy in her diary) contacted the nearest hospital in the vicinity of Indira Nagar area. Within minutes her father was taken to the cardiac facility of the hospital and he was given the best cardiac care. He was treated by one the best heart specialists in Bangalore.

The doctor told them that a delay of even a few more minutes could have been fatal and that the timely CPR was very useful. Now Mr. Sharma is leading a healthy and happy life along with his routine check ups and medicines.

Even though Mr. Sharma was a healthy man with no major illness till date. But from the last few weeks sometimes he was having mild pain in the chest which he casually ignored. One should never ignore their health, even small issues needs to be taken care of otherwise one never knows when that small issue can give you the biggest shock of your life which happened to be true in the case of Sharma family.

In this case the presence of Seema’s bua was very helpful and also the gathered information of Seema proved beneficial. Seema and her bua’s alertness in the tragic situation paid off and as such Sharma family is living happily otherwise it would have been just the opposite. As sometimes life seems very easy and at times it is very harsh. One should always be alert because

Life is always ready to teach you a lesson….


8 thoughts on “Life and it’s hard ways

  1. You have conveyed the message very well 🙂 Life may teach lessons in harder way, but, we must have hope and faith. Happy ending stories convey that 🙂 You have reached your audience about a bitter matter without disturbing that hope and faith.

    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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