I feel happy...moments

I feel happy…moments

In today’s world everyone is busy in accumulating materialistic possessions in their lives. We all want lots of money, big houses, big cars, foreign vacations and many more such things and we are always busy in fulfilling our materialistic desires. But we don’t have time to slow down and relax, to enjoy the precious moments of our lives.

I don’t think I am an exception in this case. I also feel that I should have this and that but there are times when I feel that what is the benefit of such possessions, if you are not happy and content in your life. I think if one can’t afford a big house then they should settle down for a small or medium-sized house and be happy rather than cursing their life and luck. Similarly if one can’t afford a foreign vacation, they can opt for a domestic vacation and have some gala time with family and friends. After all it is the good time spent together that matters. Off late I have started realizing that…

A family which stays together is always happier.

We should never forget our roots. In today’s world, situations are such that many people have to live away from their families, but in these cases neither our parents are happy nor we are content. We should work out ways so that we can stay together with our family members. There are times when we are sad, when we feel lonely and when we feel hopeless; in these gloomy times, our family and friends come to our rescue and take us out of such unfortunate times.

For me, if I am going through a low phase in life, the emotional support from family and friends matters a lot. Their assurances and understanding proves to be very helpful. The familial support always helps in coming victorious out of bad times.

And there are also many times when we just don’t feel good, trivial matters which make us unhappy. In such situations, small things get helpful. I am a short-tempered person who can get angry on even very small issues and my anger is such that it can go on for few days and in such situations I don’t feel like talking to anyone. There are few things which help me in forgetting the situation to some extent and also make my mood a little lighter.

It can be, just leave everything and sleep, sometimes even watching TV gets useful. I am a person who loves playing games especially puzzles, arcade, word and board games (though nowadays I don’t get time to get indulged in such activities ), but earlier it always helped me feel a little better and come out of my anger and manage the situation properly.

Nowadays in such times, blogging helps me a lot. Penning down my views and expressing them does take away the pain a little bit. Also reading other’s blogs helps in coming out of adverse situations and takes me to other’s world.

The above video also talks about the moments which make us happy. Sleeping, watching TV, blogging and playing games are the things which help me in coming out of my blues.

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2 thoughts on “I feel happy…moments

  1. Nice article, Anita 🙂 Definitely, we all have problems in our lives for the poor aew well as for the rich… But, poor knows the way to happiness mostly rich don’t. Materials cannot bring happiness if we run behind them.
    Good ad, but not worth it for a synthetic carbonated drink. If people think happiness lies in satisfying taste buds no matter how, they have to face the consequences. Many people know carbon is an enemy for our health and friend of cancer, still they want carbonated drinks! May be they will say, they know how to live the moment, we don’t!

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