Togetherness in life

Rajni always felt that she was not a marriage material. Her parents always supported her in whatever she wanted to do. She got the best of education she could have got. Now she worked for a reputed organization in a good position. Whatever she wanted in life she had got everything but still there was something amiss. She was very happy with her life but she was not content.

On the other hand, her parents were happy with the success of their only child but they wanted her to settle down in life and get married. But whenever they discussed marriage proposals with Rajni, she would always brush off the matter.

She was never interested in love or marriage.

But Kabir, his colleague, had a soft corner for Rajni. They had joined the organization together and now after 3 years of working in different projects, they both are in the same team. From day one, Kabir liked Rajni, but never got the courage to express his feelings. He had always helped Rajni in one or the other way.

Now being in same team meant, they spent lots of time together (mostly professional) including breakfasts and lunches. He always gave her subtle hints but she never understood her feelings. Kabir’s friends always suggested him to tell Rajni about his feelings, but he was afraid if she rejected his proposal then he will even lose a very good friend.

As 21st March was approaching, he wanted to do something special for Rajni as it was her birthday and it was even falling on weekend. But Rajni was very sad because it was the first birthday she would not be able to celebrate with her parents because of professional commitments. On 19th March, Kabir asked Rajni to go out with him as he had to do some shopping for his family members (as his little sister and parents were coming after 10 days to meet him). At first Rajni was sceptical about meeting him outside office hours that too on a weekend.

Rajni’s weekends were always involved in doing some office work, reading books, sleeping and some time with her girlfriends. This weekend was going to be different and she was not comfortable with that. But after lots of pleadings from Kabir, she agreed to meet him on 21st March which was her birthday. Kabir had planned everything properly.

On 21st March ….

At 10am, Kabir picked up Rajni from her apartment. They went to a mall and did some shopping. After all the shopping was done, they had lunch. In lunch everything was ordered as per Rajni’s likes. At the end he had ordered a chocolate truffle cake (her favourite). That came as a surprise to her as she never expected him to be knowing about her birthday. But she was happy because of his special treatment.

After finishing off with lunch, Kabir asked her to go out to xyz park to visit a flower exhibition going on there. At first Rajni was uncomfortable with his suggestion but later on she agreed to go with him.

After roaming around and having a look at all the beautiful flowers, they decided to sit on a bench. They talked for sometime and then suddenly after gathering some courage, he said those three words.

I Love You….

Rajni was shocked, she couldn’t believe her ears. She told him that she had some work and had to leave. Kabir dropped her home but they didn’t speak a word on the way. At home, she kept on thinking about the things that happened today. Even though she was shocked because of a love proposal coming from one of his good friend, but there was something which made her happy. Today someone went one step ahead to make her birthday special. She didn’t know what to feel now, she was confused but there was something which made her feel special. This was a memorable day for her, different from her usual weekdays and even weekends.


2 thoughts on “Togetherness in life

    • Life is too long to live alone, there will be times when she will feel the need for a company which friends can’t suffice…so I suppose she would realize that and say YES to him 😊
      By the way, advance wishes for your birthday, enjoy and be happy πŸ˜ƒ
      My mom’s birthday is 20th march.


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