My new life

Shikha was a free bird, no rules and regulations and no bounds. She had a very promising job. She lived with her college friends in a different city away from her family. Whole week she used to be busy in office but weekends were fun filled. Cooking food with friends, gossiping with them till late night, waking up late in the morning, shopping unlimited and just roaming around in different malls.

What a fun time it was….

She didn’t have a boyfriend but she never felt the need for that. Her friends were always there for her. Even though she lived away from her family, but she never felt lonely.

Being the youngest member in her family, she was always under someone’s control. Her parents always used to direct her to do this and to do that, then her two elder brothers were always there to keep an eye on her and to control her in their own ways.

It was not that her parents were very conservative or orthodox, but they were overprotective as she was the only girl child in her family. She always had to take permission from parents to go anywhere and had to depend on her brothers to take her anywhere. She never felt confident in herself because of the overprotectiveness of her family members.

But her new job and life away from her family members, gave her that much-needed opportunity to lead an independent life and as such her new life started. In the beginning, her parents were not ready to send her to some other city, but after lots of persuasions they agreed to her bold decision of moving out to some other city and start her professional life.

The above video talks about housing.

Shikha’s career took off and it gave her wings. There was nobody to give her directions, to control her or to keep an eye on her. She enjoyed her life fully but she remained grounded and she knew her limits and never crossed them.

But something else was going on her family, her parents were busy in finding a suitable boy for her. It was not even 1.5 years since she joined her work and her parents found a suitable match for her in the same city. Within six months she got engaged and married. Shikha’s husband was a good person and didn’t interfere in her professional life and supported her to continue her job. She was very happy with her married life.

But something was going on in Shikha’s mind, and one fine day she decided to quit her job. Even though she was not happy with her decision but still she took that bold step.

Shikha clipped her wings herself.

The same job which gave her that much-needed independence, she left it. She didn’t like this life of staying whole day at home and missed her old life very badly. Now she is back to that old Shikha who is always dependent for everything on her husband and who always stays in her beautiful home.


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