hope is all we need

Hope is all we need

Life is a journey with different phases, sometimes everything seems extremely beautiful and things move smoothly and there are times when everything and everyone seems going against you and it feels as if life is moving in a sluggish pace. We have to go through many ups and downs in life. The troubled phases of our lives teach us many things, they make us strong from inside.

Being optimistic or hopeful about future is the thing which keeps us going on in difficult phases of life. If one has hope along with willpower and sheer determination, he can achieve anything in life. But still it is very difficult to be optimistic and retain hopes in troublesome times, in such situations, the love, care and support from our near and dear ones proves to be helpful.

There are times when we lose hope and also confidence in ourselves, in such times the trust and faith of our loved ones on us, instils a new vigour in us. Friends and family play a very vital role in helping us come out of such disastrous situations.

In my life, there was one time when me and my hubby could not see any future ahead. Even though we had become parents recently, we couldn’t enjoy that happiness for long as hubby developed some medical problem. It was such a heartrending situation that he could not lift his newborn baby. He had so many tests and scans and underwent many physiotherapy sessions along with other procedures but everything was futile. Every thing was taken care of by good doctors in a reputed private hospital but all went in vain.

After losing all hopes, we decided to come back to our native place. Everyone in home told us to see another doctor but we opposed saying it would not be of any help. But after lots of persuasions from family, we agreed to see another doctor. The doctor was well experienced who worked in a government hospital. When we met him, he just looked at his previous reports, asked him few questions and done. He didn’t ask for any further tests and everything worked like magic.

Within 2-3 week’s time, all the problems just vanished, as if it was never there. One month back we were in a completely hopeless situation but the love, care and support of our family took us out of the troubled time. Their hopefulness and optimism helped us in coming out victorious.

Home is where your loved ones are. A place where you feel safe amidst your loved ones. No other luxury can replace the feeling that one gets in one’s own home.

And our loved ones helped us in coming out of a troubled time. When everything came back in place, hubby decided to join back his work, that was the time when everyone was very happy to see us go back without any issues.

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8 thoughts on “Hope is all we need

    • Yes Anita…hope and optimism do help us in going a long way….when you are in a difficult phase, everything seems impossible but still when you come out of it, things look easier…so one should not lose hope…


  1. Very well written, Anita ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with your thoughts… It is during the hard times, we realise who is our near and dear ones ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Home is where your loved ones are. A place where you feel safe amidst your loved ones. No other luxury can replace the feeling that one gets in oneโ€™s own home.’, I just love these words…
    Happy to know that your hubby is as healthy as before… TC! Keep smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

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