A day from a girl’s life

“Don’t you know how to cook properly? Is this what your mother taught you? Why are you putting so much spices?”, Shikha’s mother-in-law (MIL) retorted.

Shikha just kept quiet and ignored everything.

“Shikha you will have to quit your job. Aman earns a good salary and we don’t need your money. This will not work otherwise things will not be in your favour”, her MIL said.

Shikha explained softly,”But mummyji, it is not about money. My job gives me a feeling of self-contentment, it gives me independence and it makes me confident”.

“Matter is going out of hand now, I will have to talk to Aman”, said Shikha’s MIL angrily.

“Aman! Aman! What is this, did you not talk with Shikha about her job?”, Shikha’s MIL asked.

“Maa, I will talk to her. Why are you getting angry”, calmly answered Aman watching his Sunday movies.

“Look Shikha, we have to take some decision and the only solution is you will have to leave your job”, were Aman’s words.

“But Aman, before marriage you said, you will always support me and will never force me to quit my job”, said Shikha chokingly.

Aman got irritated and said,”Times have changed Shikha and you will have to do whatever maa says, be it right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. Talk to your manager and resign tomorrow”.

Shikha just could not believe whatever she heard now. She felt cheated and kept on crying whole night but nobody was there to understand her agony.

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4 thoughts on “A day from a girl’s life

  1. Poor Shikha… This story reveals the bitter truth some women face when the people change after marriage… There is another side of the same coin, some people are greedy for the money she earns and in addition to that they want her to work like a machine in home too when her husband enjoys his weekend…
    Good one, Anita 🙂 TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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