Sleeping time

Our human body is like a machine which keeps on working all through the day, but nights are meant for rest of our bodies so that all the wear and tear which takes place during the day can recuperate. This is nature’s rule that we work during the day and take rest at night. So a peaceful sleep at night is very necessary for us so that we feel fresh the next day. There can be no better medicine than a night’s peaceful sleep for the good health of a human being.

The same is applicable even to small babies, a sound sleep is very essential for the proper growth of babies. Babies are like a blank canvas, whatever you do, it has some impact on them. If one wants to teach good habits to their kids one should start early. One such habit should be a good sleeping habit which means going to bed at right time, having optimum hours of sleep and waking up fresh early morning.

But going to bed early should not be forced upon babies rather it should be made a fun activity. Bedtime rituals can include activities like singing lullaby to baby, reading colourful story books or having just some mom and baby time in a dimly lit room with a peaceful atmosphere. Such rituals play a very vital role in getting babies used to a regular routine. It helps them later in getting used to a routinely life when they start going to school.

What worked for me was singing rhymes to my son at bedtime. “Humpty dumpty sat on a wall” and “Mary had a little lamb” are his favourite rhymes. There will be times, when he will keep on asking me to sing “Humpty or Mary”, and after singing many times in a loop, I will say “Humpty is sleeping now, Mary is sleeping now, you also close your eyes and sleep”. There are times when his tiredness takes over and he will sleep while listening to his favourite rhymes. He is such a hyperactive boy that he never sits idle (apart from sleeping), so singing rhymes at bedtime has worked for me in setting a routine and also in getting him familiar with rhymes which otherwise he is not interested.

If a baby doesn’t get a sound sleep at night, next day the baby is surely going to be cranky. A wet nappy can easily disturb baby’s and also your sleep. It’s also very difficult to keep on checking and changing nappies at night. In such cases, diapers really come handy, once you put them at night and you are done. I really love the Pampers pant style diapers (better than the velcro ones) because they are easy to put on as my son never stays still, he is always busy with one or the other thing.

I found diapers very useful especially in the winter months because it is very difficult to keep on changing nappies day and night. Also drying of clothes in winters (especially in North India) is very difficult because of the foggy days so when you use a good quality diaper like Pampers which not only keeps baby dry from outside but also from inside and that too for long hours, your life is made a little easy.



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