Quikr Nxt…No Fikar, chat Quikr

Shikha: Hello hey! Suman, how are you? Long time no call.

Suman: I am fine. How is life in Bangalore?

Shikha: Life is good and Bangalore is a nice city. Weather is awesome and people are very warm and welcoming.

Suman: I needed some information from you. Did you hire packers and movers while moving to Bangalore?

Shikha: No, it was not required. But why do you ask so?

Suman: Then what did you do with all your household stuffs?

Shikha: Oh that!!! We sold almost all the household items through online buying and selling portal Quikr.

And you know what, it was really very easy and convenient. If you are planning to sell any stuff in near future, I would strongly suggest you to try Quikr. You will just love it.

Suman: Now you are talking my mind out. Actually I called you to ask about online buying and selling. Is it reliable?

You know, we are thinking of renovating our home and so we want to sell few of the furniture items.

Shikha: It’s very reliable, you will never regret using their services.

Suman: But you know what, one of my relatives had a harrowing experience with one of the online buying/selling portals.

She was telling that there are many fake callers who will keep on bugging you with so many unwanted calls and at the end, they won’t even buy the product. And that there were so many callers that it was very difficult for her to keep track of all the conversations. There was one person who kept on calling her for many days because of which she had to even change her mobile number.

Shikha: Is it so? But we never faced any problems while selling and even while buying things from Quikr. All the deals were very smooth and hassle free.

If you are worried about such things, then I have a solution for your problems. You know, Aman was telling that Quikr has come up with Quikr NXT. The Quikr NXT, provides a platform to the buyers and sellers for easy communication.

Using the Quikr’s mobile app ( mobile site and also desktop site), the buyers and sellers can chat and share product details and pictures easily at their convenience. You don’t have to worry about the number of persons you are interacting with. You don’t need to remember anything as everything is getting stored in your chat history, as and when needed, you can easily access the details through chat history.

All the chat conversations are in real time and you can instantly share images and product details. And the best advantage is that your mobile number is kept private, so no worries of unwanted callers. You can even delete or block unwanted chats. As all the communication is through chat only, you don’t even need to attend a single phone call.

So what do you think about it? Are you still in confusion?

Suman: Is it really that easy and convenient?

Shikha: Yes, it’s very convenient. You should give it a try.

Suman: Now I feel relaxed and I am going to talk about this to Raj and I am sure he will also be convinced like me.

So buy and sell things Quikr through Quikr NXT without any hassles.

Image courtesy – indiblogger.in


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