A day from a girl’s life

“Don’t you know how to cook properly? Is this what your mother taught you? Why are you putting so much spices?”, Shikha’s mother-in-law (MIL) retorted.

Shikha just kept quiet and ignored everything.

“Shikha you will have to Continue reading


Sleeping time

Our human body is like a machine which keeps on working all through the day, but nights are meant for rest of our bodies so that all the wear and tear which takes place during the day can recuperate. This is nature’s rule that we work during the day and take rest at night. So a peaceful sleep at night is very necessary for us so that we feel fresh the next day. There can be no better medicine than a night’s peaceful sleep for the good health of a human being.

The same is applicable even to small babies, a sound sleep is very essential for the proper growth of babies. Babies are like a blank canvas, whatever you do, it has some impact on them. If one wants to teach good habits to their kids one should start early. One such habit should be a good sleeping habit Continue reading

Live life tension free

We all say “Life is short”, but still we never live life to the fullest. I always feel that one should enjoy life and try to do all the things on their wish list before it is too late because we never know when we will have to say goodbye to this world. We have one life (as we don’t know about 7 births), so try living it to the fullest.

But time, money, distance and circumstances always restrain us from living life fully. We all get engulfed in achieving things, raising children and all other monotonies of life. When we will achieve all the materialistic assets of life and raise our children successfully, we will realise that it will almost be our retirement age. After a certain age our health will not allow us enjoy all luxuries of life like long trips, adventurous sports and many other things. I am not saying that one should not save for retirement age, invest Continue reading

My first blogging award

I am really very happy to receive The Versatile Blogger Award from Uttpal and I will proudly display the award on my blog. As per Uttpal, I am a ‘Deep thinker’ and I agree to that because I think a lot 😃

I started blogging to express and share my personal feelings about different aspects of life and society. Blogging gave me a platform to express my views about the day to day happenings, and the fact that there are people who read my views and give their valuable comments gives me immense contentment.

Rules of the award:

Display the award on your blog.
Thank the person who nominated you.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 blogs.
Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know.

I whole heartedly accept this award 😃 and I am very thankful to Uttpal for considering me versatile. He himself is a very versatile blogger and a passionate cook.

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