Pimples, pimples and pimples

Teenage is the time when our bodies go through lots of physical and hormonal changes. Mother nature starts its course and prepares us for the stages that would come in later parts of our lives. The hormonal surge in our bodies leads to many natural occurrences, some are very much-needed and some are unwanted.

One such unwanted occurrence is the coming of pimples. Pimples, sometimes pus-filled and even painful, always come at odd times especially if you have to attend any special function. I was always lucky to never experience this pimple problem and any other skin problem in my teenage years ( I do have one skin problem now). But yes, I know many people ( friends, sister and even hubby) who had the pimple problem.

My sister had pimples but the main problem was the pimple marks. She tried many things creams, ointments, face washes, face packs etc to get rid of the pimple marks but nothing worked. In the course of time, after the application of so many things, something worked and the marks faded a lot. A pimply face is very bad for one’s confidence, one gets very conscious of his/her looks. Whenever my sister had to attend any function or had to meet the relatives with a pimpled face, everyone kept on suggesting one or the other thing.

“What has happened to you?”
“Why don’t you apply this or that?”

These were the general remarks of people on seeing her. She always felt embarrassed in attending social gatherings.

As per my hubby, when you have a pimple, you feel like scratching and pressing the pimple and even you tend to do that. But it should never be done because it leaves marks behind. People with oily skin in general also suffer from pimples, as is the case of my hubby. During his teenage years, my hubby had face full of pimples, but he never cared to do anything to get rid of the pimple problem. But his problem was that many a times he pressed his pimples which left their presence on his face. Good thing is that because of his complexion, the pimple marks are not much visible.

Even my elder brother had this pimple problem who tried many Ayurvedic concoctions to get rid of the pimples. He even left eating eggs as people told him that eggs cause more heat in the body and that leads to pimples. But pimples being pimples, always came at odd hours and finally got away in due time.

Nowadays there are many creams and face washes to tackle the pimple problem. There are many oil control and acne control face washes and one such is the Garnier Pure Active Neem with the goodness of real neem leaf and tea tree extracts which are very good for skin. Get more information about skin care on their website.

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