Buying and selling things Quikr

Shikha: What are you saying Aman? How can we move to a new city in such a short span of time?

Aman: Yes I know Shikha, ten days is a very less time to shift to new place. But you know what, you will just love the new place.

Bangalore is a beautiful city, the weather there is just awesome; neither too hot nor too cold. The people there are very welcoming and friendly.

Shikha: Ok, that sounds cool. Did you talk to mom and dad about it?

Aman: Yes I called them today and they are ok with it.

Shikha: So everything is sorted. But still we have a big issue. What are we going to do about the furniture, fridge, TV, washing machine and other appliances? Have you thought about it?

Aman: Oh dear! Don’t worry, everything is planned.

Today only I was talking to one of my colleagues, he suggested about Quikr (the online buying and selling portal). He was telling that it is very easy to sell or buy things there and that the response is very good.

We just need to put the advertisement on their website with the picture of the product. The best thing is that they even tell you the MSP (maximum selling price) of a product. So I don’t think we need to worry much.

I think we should take only the memorable and important stuffs with us and the rest we will sell on Quikr. I am thinking to take photographs of all the products now and will put the details on their website at night.

Shikha: It’s easier said than done. Are you sure it is going to work?

Aman: Yes dear. They have a credible system.

Shikha: Ok, I will help you in taking the pics.

Let’s get to work then.


Aman: So all the pics are ready and I will finish off-putting all the details before dinner.

Everything is done now, let us see what deals we are going to get.

Hey! I forgot to tell you about the best thing. You know what, Quikr has a special Bangalore Quikr site for the lovely Bangaloreans. So after we move to Bangalore, it would be very easy to buy all the furniture, TV and other appliances through their Bangalore Quikr site.

Shikha: Wow! That sounds interesting. I hope we will get a good price for all the products.

Next day……..

Aman: Shikha, I got call from two buyers and they will be coming to see the products and if they agree, few of our products will be bought today only. I think they even liked the quoted price.

Buyers come and see the products and their fridge, TV and sofa set are bought.

Shikha: This online selling is so easy, in one day only our fridge, TV and sofa set have been sold. I just love this. It is so much better than going to the local dealer and bargaining with him.

I think within 3-4 days almost all the other items will be sold. The response is really great, Aman.

Within 5 days, almost all of their products on sale were bought. Now after moving to Bangalore, they bought all the needed furniture and household appliances through Bangalore Quikr.

Shikha: Aman, we should thank your colleague for suggesting the Quikr website. It was so easy to buy and sell the things.

I will surely suggest all my friends to buy and sell through Quikr.


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